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  1. Thank you. Please close it. You'll remember you did.
  2. The experiments aren't wrong they are only seeing the result of a universe where the color, spin, and heat waves are in a proportion that heat waves have a longer wavelength than the age of our universe. Look at the field strength ratios.
  3. Think of heat as a sine wave with color as an amplitude on top of every point, then add a spin to the point. Three independent waves right. Spin can be right, left, or zero. Our math is based on our universe where all the particles have the same spin. There is no 1/2 spin. Only a mathematical projection of one.
  4. On the Fractal Nature of our Universe Our Universe is three waves; Spin (s) Color (c) or light Heat (h) or charge There are three phases of each wave Spin has phases that are 90 degrees apart (left, right, no spin) charge or heat has phases that are 90 degrees apart (0,+,-) Color has phases that are 120 degrees apart - they do not cancel out The math checks out. If you can’t see it, ask me and we will show you how. mt amen to that!
  5. Can anyone tell me how do I edit my original post?
  6. Yes, that is how a sine wave works.
  7. Draw a sine wave. neutral is 0degrees, positive is 90 degrees, 180 is neutral, negative is 270degrees and back again to 0. Think of an expanding sphere as positive and contracting one as negative. Light is the color vibration inside the nucleus. Photons are the projection of the 3 waves where there is no spin.
  8. Look at neutron decay in this framework. Instead of having charge either + or negative. The proton, electron, and "antineutrino" are three phases of the heat wave.
  9. Our Universe is three waves; spin, color, heat. We all know heat as charge but it doesn’t move between negative and positive It moves like a spherical radial vibration. positive, zero, and negative are the same wave just 90 degrees apart. Because there are three vibrations, the projections on the standard model appear that we can only see or measure 3 versions of each. Three charges, three colors, three generations of matter. Anti-particles are waves that are 180 degrees apart (a collapsing sphere or an expanding sphere). Spin flips each time the wave crosses zero. Imagine a spinning ball collapsing to zero then expanding out. The spin reverses. Check it out!
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