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  1. Thank you all for your insightful comments and helpful links, and sorry I didn't reply earlier but I just joined and hit the five reply limit. You've helped me see the flaws in my thinking and weak areas of understanding, especially misunderstanding space/time to have elastic potential energy (as this was just a misunderstanding of how the models are visually represented), not using accepted vernacular, and uniform expansion. In retrospect, I should've just left out the Quantum Field explanation as I'm sure most of you understand more of it than I do already and it's already discussed on these forums. It's all forced me into the frightening conclusion that if my thoughts in this area are to have any value I'm going to have to move from being interested to being dedicated and learn some math. Darn it.
  2. Maybe I didn't describe that with enough detail. If the size of the big bang expansion relates to the current acceleration and the lower zone of field pressure around it that would mean it's the difference in pressure causing the acceleration. I.e., if you can determine the size of the big bang expansion based on the acceleration or visa versa. Edit: To my knowledge acceleration is still being nailed down, so it'll be a while till that can be proven, I'm just hoping someone can help me with the equation itself.
  3. I was just saying constant pressure on a field has already been described. Don't worry, my head remains firmly on my shoulders. One another, causing potential energy. I also just meant to hand wave away wave functions since most people probably have probably heard of them and not quantum fields. Yeah, it was unnecessary and poorly stated.
  4. But Nobel prizes have been won describing confined force, and Quantum field theory is already an accepted theory of matter? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you.
  5. You could examine why habits are formed at the level of the brain. Habits are fairly well understood, but the added dimension of how we begin to crave certain stimuli would be interesting.
  6. Key: Wave functions are not the same thing as meant by fields, as a wave function is a probability calculation, but for the purposes of basic understanding they can be used interchangeably here. Dark Energy = Field pressure. Core theory: All matter in the universe consists of fields. Particles are what is observed when two or more matter fields interact with sufficient energy. A stable particle is what happens when two or more matter fields interact with sufficient energy constantly. Not all matter field interactions create particles, but can create pressure. Predictive/proofs: Quantum entanglement: We are observing two points of interaction in either a connected field or the same matter field, which is why they seem to interact. We can only observe points of interaction on the field with sufficient energy. The particle is part of a matter field, it isn't the whole matter field. Particles at two places at once: Again, two points of interaction on the same matter field. Wave/particle duality: Under this theory it's merely matter with a propensity toward high energy interaction or not. There are only fields (waves) and interaction points between fields. We've been looking at it the wrong way. Protons/neutrons are just being reacted upon constantly by each other and the electron field. Photons: They do not reveal particles, they create them or reveal larger particle structures by creating points of interaction that we can then observe due to their high energy state. Dark Matter: Any matter field that does not directly interact with photons, but does interact with the Higgs Boson field. This would mean that, as we've already observed, there is no empty space in our Big Bang expansion. Much of matter in the universe is in a pressured or perhaps even collapsed state. It would also be a mistake to assume Dark Matter is only one type of matter, complexity is implied. There very well could be new matter fields forming all around us constantly due to lowering field pressure. Although, less likely in high gravity areas due to consistent field pressure. Dark Energy: The sum total of field pressure throughout a Big Bang expansion, minus the pressure outside the Big Bang expansion!!! Dark Energy is field pressure potential energy being released. Why The Big Bang is due to a Higgs Boson field collapse and an explanation of accelerated expansion: Core theory: When the elastic potential energy of space/time plus total field pressure (as we see in star stages with other field collapses) equals the energy of our Big Bang expansion (minus the energy of the field itself collapsing) the Higgs Boson field collapses, causing a temporary suspension of the mass effect. Even if the mass effect stabilizes, its collapse alone (and the resultant release of energy that we see with any field collapse, again as we see in stars) creates enough potential energy to begin the cascade reaction as the Big Bang expansion is exposed to lower field pressure around it, which increases inner field pressure as it increases in size. We can visualize the curvature of space/time right before the Big Bang (the same overall shape as it takes when exposed to Black Holes, on a grander scale), then right after the Big Bang expansion with an opposite curve as potential energy is released and there is little mass holding the field pressure, then how it is currently with higher curves at the ends/outside signifying us being surrounded by lower pressure. Think of a drop of water in a clear lake surface a moment after impact, the ripples as gravity waves. Thus, that is why our Big Bang expansion is accelerating outward. It's getting bigger, thus more surface area of our field pressure is being exposed to the lower pressure zone around it, which creates acceleration. We've been looking at Dark Energy from the wrong angle. It's what's around it that matters. Think of filling your fist with air and moving to a room of lower pressure. The lower pressure of that room, and the larger the surface area of your fist full of air, the more expulsatory force you will feel. Dark Energy is field pressure potential energy being released. Now, this is where I need help. I know how to prove the theory (If the rate of acceleration relates to the Big Bang expansion's size and the pressure around it) and a precise enough measurement of any of those variables would be sufficient to produce the other variables, though admittedly, while I may have a working understanding of most aspects of quantum mechanics, I don't know how to structure that equation. This would also mean, after that equation is defined, we can measure the potential energy left in our expansion, and thus when the expansion will end, if field pressure around our expansion isn't lowering as it expands. Why our misunderstandings about basic matter structure will now be an advantage. We already built the tools because they had utility regardless of our misunderstanding: The particle accelerator. Core theory: Mass fields like electrons aren't composed of particles as we understood them, therefore it is most likely is either field interaction or a coherent field of its own that only breaks into other mass fields during collapse. Predictability in how fields collapse will allow us to divine their base field structure, not just how they break down and interact, as we can now understand them as breaks in a larger field. Problem 1: With this theory we have no way of knowing if some fields that break down are non-interactive with other fields, and only with mass. Without precise mass measurement we may be missing key areas of field structure. Problem 2: Not all matter fields may interact with mass. This would be difficult to determine, and also mean the universe is constantly shedding energy that cannot be regained through Higgs Boson collapses, but if there is no energy/mass loss observed this problem can be dispensed with and all field structures can be determined through mass interaction, since the parts that do not create field interaction can still be measured through mass before collapse and after. Problem 3: Existing observed structures may only be in their current state due to the current field pressure of our big bang expansion. Over time as field pressure lowers matter may shift how it interacts, and the cohesion of atoms change, thus altering how they interact and their base structure. Not a problem for life on Earth, thankfully, since mass creates some level of stability. In other words, it will be difficult to produce a true vacuum state, especially on a planet. Problem 4: Do matter fields operate on the same principle of three dimensional surface tension that space/time does, as it itself is possibly a matter field? If so, string theory is most likely correct, best visualized in three dimensional bubbles. Problem 5: The observed curvature of the universe may be a local phenomena due to Big Bang expansion and lower pressure at the outer edges. An inverted gravity bend of massive size.
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