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  1. yes, understood, thanks for the explanation. thx andrew never thought skin will absorb alcohol or any liquid.. only knew nerve agent that was use to kill "king jun en's brother (north korean dictator)" can be absorb into skin .. lol
  2. Hii, Endy0816 thanks for your short answer.. something i never thought of . acceptable answer.. thank you. hii StringJunky, as i said the label states it is 99% organic alcohol. not just 70% - 80%. bleach will slowly degraded to salt and water when it left there for sometime or get exposed by sun light. although i don't know how long is the effective time, but that discourage ppl from using it as portable sanitizer. however, alcohol won't degrade when we put it in a spray bottle. . hiii Strange, I didn't made up my min
  3. Hii Strange, i am using the 99% alcohol as sanitizer.. not to drink or use it on food.. just for normal door knob, car door and hand sanitizing.. even if there is bitterax or other chemical added to hinder ppl from drinking it... i am just using it for sanitizing.. not drinking.. why should there be toxic ? .... :
  4. hii CharonY, i have a 5 liter bottle of 99% organic alcohol sold in outdoor and garden center , i suppose for fuel. my question is, can i use it as sanitizer , so that i don't have to buy more alcohol.. because i never get to use the alcohol for years already. if i gonna buy another 10 liter or 20 little bottle of iso propanol alcohol, ... then there will be a lot of alcohol in my basement.. wasting money and fire hazard. i need sanitizer because the corona virus is spreading to country near me already. hence need to prepare a bit, just in case.. the label stated 99%
  5. hii, are you saying bourbon wiskey as sanitizer ? isn't that expensive ? here, a little that costs 9 euro.. i rather buy organic 99% alcohol sold in garden store.. lol anybody here can confirm me that it is replace able ? as rubbing alcohol ? because i have a big bottle of it.. it will last for sometime.. i don't wish to purchase a 20 liter iso alcohol.. which will costs 45 euro. anybody ? thx andrew
  6. I am wonder if the camping alcohol fuel which said 99% organic alcohol on the label, can i use it in similar way as rubbing alcohol for hand and item sanitizing ? i have already have a bottle of it in store for a long time, since right now the Corona virus is spreading rapidly everywhere, can i use it instead of iso alcohol ? if we can't use it as replacement, then pls explain. thanks andrew
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