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  1. argonfa

    Reaction Times

    I dont mean the reaction time of a keybaord. Im asking if the speed that a person can press a keyboard in reaction to something on a screen is affected by muscle mass.
  2. argonfa

    Reaction Times

    Ok so even if just by a few ms would the reflex action of pressing a button on a keyboard be slower for a a person with high muscle mass compared to a person with very thin arms. I am guessing that high muscle mass in arms would affect the reflex arc and reduce speed.
  3. argonfa

    Reaction Times

    When competing in video games it is very important to have fast reaction times and nimble fingers. I don't know that much about this topic but i was wondering whether body types affect gaming performance. For example, if one was playing on a mouse and keyboard with a very thin build. If they increased their muscle mass in their arms; would this decrease their reaction times and skill. My thought is that it would ruin muscle memory that was previously built. It would also take longer for the body's neurons to contract the arm muscles and move fingers in response to an event on the computer screen. I think that having a high muscle mass would cause the fingers to become less nimble and more stiff. Also i think that reaction times decrease once a person is past the age of 20. Is any of this true or backed up with any kind of scientific evidence?
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