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  1. You are threatened by someone who can think outside of your little cosy box of formulas. That you have so many posts and pay so little attention to new ideas tells everybody what they need to know about you. You continue to derail my posts. If you weren't threatened by my ideas you would lift the 5 post limit like you had a pair but I can see this forum is mired by tiny minds. Carry on, I'm done here.
  2. It's the idea. It's a programming perspective. If we can have nested functions inside our own programs then you can have nested functions in life. In DNA and molecular science you have peculiar determinations ie. AAAAAA is the same as AAA and AAA AAA is the same AAA somewhere else If you're any kind of programmer you know this is wrong as soon as you read it. Most of DNA research is butchery and botchery because they decided to tackle a long sequence of code with laboratory instruments instead of collaborative efforts from many fields ie. music, art, programming, mechanics. Nearly everything I taste that is GMO tastes foul or bland and that's nature's way of telling us we're doing things the wrong way. There are skill gaps in the field of science that mean people with tiny minds get to butcher an entire planet's ecosystem with cut and paste technology. I'd like to talk about universes etc but it's pie in the sky if people don't understand a basic idea and don't care because they're mired in quantum physics and Einsteinisms.
  3. That's another way to shake the fact that you gave me fungus as an example and berate my posts with smarm to excuse it.
  4. Maybe, but I studied the forum before my rude post, and determined that theory of this kind was met with rudeness in turn. It is difficult to establish a discussion when the status quo is set within a little square-box model of teaching and professing, and is missing so much of the bigger picture. I haven't even got started but if these kind of questions are intimidating to your academic education then perhaps you can continue on your way without resorting to digg culture.
  5. So before you downvote my post, why don't you write the sentence "Well gee I haven't thought about that because nobody can prove that anything bigger than a dinosaur or huge fungus really is alive" and yet you all like looking at the stars and you get enjoyment from them and their harmony, and you expect they are some puppet for your amusement. That's how a gentleman would do it and used to do it in England, I'm not sure what kind of "culture" this downvoting mechanic is but it's like everything else that is rotten on whatever side of the sea you live. This is what I have to deal with every time I meet a scientist - quantum physics. I've yet to meet a single one of these so-called Einstein-level intellectuals that can take a hit without throwing formulas at me and the laws of what you can see with a human eye as working. Let's say I create a system on my computer and throw one or two little pixel-shaped planets around a million times. A simple program. Spen the Scientist is going to sit there with all of his professors and associates and work out a thousand formulas to explain the system, the planets, the path, the trajectory, the limits, the patterns etc. It's chaos theory but nobody ever does this, you're right. This is how I see humanity and the level of intelligence we have, all prescribed to a single thread of logic. Not a single one of them is going to say "hmm, I wonder what the program is?" If someone sat on some other planet were to see that data it would look completely different. They'd probably have a completely different set of formulas to describe what was going on. That's how good human intelligence is. Not a single scientist on this forsaken planet can explain his theory from the point of view of the very thing everybody is enveloped in - data. It's still formulas from 100 years ago. So when I ask, who created these balls of rock that do such miraculous things... is it a religious question or is it a scientific question? Somebody always pipes up with an answer about humans and that's not what I'm looking for. Why is it always about humans? That's how egotistical and full of itself our own species is, and you only have to look at decline in wildlife to see it. Where? You don't see my point but I explained it. This is what I mean by cap on human intelligence. It is literally headache-inducing to start to conceive of a planet or anything larger as a conscious or alive being for nearly everyone you meet. It is similar if you describe humans or any life as being a program. And yet nearly everybody is looking down at their cellphone at the train station trying to not communicate outside of a little metal box. We are all programs by some design, much of the human body is visibly programmatic. What is "computer"? Why is it we think we invented it? Why is it we think it needs a name? Computer is everywhere, it's data... if we can use it in sci-fi movies then why can't we conceive of everything as data? Or "computer". Why is it everything is described by a formula, and not by a program. Why is it, everything is not alive, if everything is data? Which bits aren't data? Does data need the name "data". Or is it just "life". So why can't most people conceive of a planet as "life"?
  6. Gaia theory is brief and it's the one everybody always falls back to when so-called scientists come forward to label anybody talking about something that can't be measured as hippy culture claptrap. You've provided something bigger than a dinosaur but you're scale of mind is smaller than the size of the atmosphere. You literally couldn't answer with anything bigger, not even to intrigue me. This is the limit of your intelligence and nearly every other scientist in the world. I'm trying to find someone who can imagine a planet as a being or as part of a being but it seems outside of the realm of logic or any kind of human theory of space and time and the universe. Is that not where modern science falls apart because it all revolves around ourselves being the kingpin of space like we are children waiting for presents for christmas. Nearly everything in modern science revolves around looking downward at things which are smaller, and yet there seems to be zero ability within the human conciousness of explaining things which are larger from the point of view of something which is larger, looking down at us. Do you see my point?
  7. Is there anybody here that understands Earth as a life force. Out of 8 billion people I have yet to meet somebody who can describe a planet or anything bigger than a dinosaur as a living being, although I have read of them. Where are they? Is the limit of human intelligence to discover everything which is smaller than us and describe it in biological terms but assume everything which is larger than us exists simply to amuse our own existence as little crawlings of flesh?
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