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  1. kartik

    heat transfer

    Thanks for your answer. Couple of questions though: 1. injecting heat into the system is easy. but if i have to somehow bring the temperature down, wont i need vents to do that? ( in scenarios where ambient temperature drops down drastically) 2. can i use nichrome wire as the heating element?
  2. kartik

    heat transfer

    1.5 degree above the ambient temperature should be the temperature in the chamber at any given time with an error pf +- 5%. since its a small box..if the temperature reaches the target value under a min, that woud be ideal. Please suggest a way. Thankyou.
  3. kartik

    heat transfer

    I need to maintain the temperature in a small 1x1x1 ft chamber filled with just air at a certain value above the surrounding temperature of that chamber. what would be a suitable heating element and the insulating material for the chamber? how can i maintain a constant temperature? what are the factors i need to keep in mind for designing this chamber? This is the final problem you were asking about. thankyou!
  4. kartik

    heat transfer

    okay, now how do we calculate the time required for this temperature rise if a constant energy of 0.024kj is produced? thankyou.
  5. I have a 1x1x1 feet box. I have a heating source in the box which produces "x" watts. How long will it take to increase the temperature of the box by 1 deg C? thankyou.
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