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  1. I imagine similar to known ones? As I understand it (and perhaps inaccurately), keratinases are different in just about every fungus that has them. Because there has been a lot of work looking at keratin degradation in Aspergillus fumigatus, I figured I could potentially use it as a reference even though the fungi of interest in are reptile pathogens.
  2. To get at both of your questions, the goal is to identify keratinases and learn which ones are active during keratin degradation.
  3. Okay. What about using a reference genome of a closely related species to create a probe looking for similar enzymes? Is that getting more into qPCR? Sorry for these ongoing questions, I do appreciate your answers though!
  4. @CharonY Thanks for the response! Could you combine it with LC-MS/MS? Or perhaps use LC-MS/MS alone to identify the enzymes?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to find a method to extract enzymes from filamentous fungi. I'm not a molecular biologist by any means so I have no idea which methods does what. I came across SDS-PAGE, which as I understand separates enzymes based on weight? To give some context, some of these fungi don't have annotated genomes. So basically what I'm asking is SDS-PAGE a good method to identify which enzymes exist in a fungal sample?
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