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  1. Dear Mr./ Ms.Strange Genome sequencing may be an appliable by splicing the genes with sunject zero with realitivly reconisable gene patterns with another animal say parent 1. You maybe able to quantify the development of an artifical embryo. An allow some respective genes to be left out through the first generation. This will allow the gustation of the original embryo from Subject zero and Parent 1. Then slowly adding in the missing genes through generations 2 and 3. By this time you may have been able to map the genome of daughter 3 and compare it to Subject zero's base
  2. Dear fellow colleages I have come across the idea of splicing bioluminesent bactirium with the asian pear to create a super food. That eminates its own heat through the interation of oxygen and luciferin. Could we use this to create a crop that could survive a mild frost in lighter climates. Even go far enough to sustain growth in lower tempetures.
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