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  1. The chemicals are all within a storage cabinet, as described above. I see some white powders. They were not in contact with the liquid, they are on the top shelf, while the liquid was on the bottom only. Thaks
  2. Can the vapors from these chemicals react or condense to pool in the cabinet? If they are hygroscopic, will the vapors pull enough water from the air over the course of a month?
  3. Hi, I began working at a new firm recently where I am managing the chemical waste. Before I got here it was mentioned to me that a liquid had pooled in a containment bin. The cleaned it up, but formed again later, so I cleaned it up. Its a coated metal cabinet (exposed steels getting fairly rusted) containing HCl, HBr, HF, H2SO4, etc pretty standard stuff. It also contained H2O2, which supposedly vents oxygen, has anyone ever had this problem or can think of a reason? Thanks,
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