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  1. Thank you for all your feedback. I’m currently working on some mental health issues and cannot reply on give the answers the time that I would like to in regards to research and time and I struggle to express the concept fully and accurately, more to come but I have to work on my stability at this time kind regards David Wavish
  2. I apologise in advance for any of my ignorance. my question is could you use gyroscopes in counter acting orientation to either make a space anchor or use it to detect gravitational variation? I understand that it would use a lot of energy input for fairly small output but could it be done? it would have to be done in a very low or almost zero gravity environment As gyroscopes like to stay in place on it axis when spinning, using the end of the axis as a resistance force. Could these be counter balanced in such a way to provide stability of movement in space where nothing can be physically touched. not sure I’m explaining it right, so please feel free to ask anything. many thanks for any consideration or contemplation
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