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  1. Thanks, I am in Brisbane but soon to move down to the gold coast for a year. Going to an open night next week so I can get a better idea of some courses available and whether its something I want to pursue
  2. Feel a little silly writing this, but wanted opinions from an outside source Have been considering studying but am unsure whether I'm actually smart enough to follow the topics I'm interested in. In my mid-twenties and never thought I would study. I did well in school until about 10th grade when I had to get a job to support my siblings. After that, school was downhill. I completed grade 12 but my OP wasn't great. I did well on the exams but failed several classes due to unfinished assignments. Grades came second to feeding us and I stopped caring. I've always had an interest in insects and reptiles, they absolutely fascinate me and I would love to study either of them but I lean more towards the bugs. I have pet snakes so that love is indulged already at home. Problem is I know math and chemistry are required and I have little experience with either, am unsure whether I'm actually capable of studying such subjects at uni. I'm willing to put in the effort but I'm not sure that will be enough to get me through a degree.
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