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  1. Not sure if this is the correct topic area for this question and would like to be informed the appropriate location if I need to. I am writing a fiction story that includes a very key aspect involving cloning and would like assistance if possible on the correct testing methods to get from point A to point Z. Since this is a sci-fi fiction story I am not worried about legal regulations or cost, but more so the most accurate explanation. Subject zero is a dead corpse discovered of unknown origins (non-human), but has a humanoid appearance. The corpse has a high number of base pairs within its DNA, and the researches are working toward cloning this creature. Since the origin is unclear the researchers would need to perform tests to determine the closest genetic match to create a perfect clone. Also, the genetic makeup of this creature is quite compatible with a majority of other animals and humanoid creatures. This is where I would like the best course in determining this and the process needed for its completion, assuming alien life-forms from other planets have been met and are in communication with.
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