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  1. No n does not change in this situation.
  2. Why does is assume n and T are constant. For example, if you have a balloon with 10PSI at 25 C and a volume of 20L. If the temperature goes to 35 C, then you simply put in the changes into the equation right? The temperature of 35C and any potential pressure change to calculate work.
  3. We all know this classic equation Work=-pressure external*delta volume and Pressure*Volume=#molecules*R(constant)*Temperature Can I rework the equation to be Work=-pressure (external)*delta (#molecules*R(constant)*Temperature/Pressure)
  4. Finally someone with useful info rather than conspiracy. Now let’s create an Ronan point like structure. looks like two of the four walls collapsed. Why didn’t the other two walls collapse? I’m thinking to use wooden walls with paper joints. Just enough to hold it up. I have some sort of an idea now. Thanks.
  5. I'd say they will accept the facts from a real demonstration rather than a computer simulation and reports. Seeing is believing.
  6. Still I think it is a project for general education. According to a poll, 53% of Americans believe that there was some sort of a conspiracy. That's pretty significant and may be a gateway conspiracy for other hard conspiracy beliefs.
  7. It doesn't have to be an exact scale model. Only that the damage occurring on sections have to be proportionate (1/9 of section) and the structure must be square or rectangle. When I said scale model, I didn't mean exact, just similar. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word scale. Why not debunk any conspiracy theory? Why use a computer model when you demonstrate it in real life. A real life demonstration rather than a computer simulation? If so was it documented? If so can you provide a link to it?
  8. how About a steel structure where the welds are very weak? And then heat the steel with a blow torch to weaken the steel? a million euros is a lot of money. Why would eat up most of the of the money? i have access the welders and mills. How was such a task achieved in the past? has someone already make a model of something similar
  9. I started out using paper structure. The material of construction can be anything as long as the density is consistent throughout the structure. Also there is a mast in the top. I tried burning the top area, but that didn’t work. I made one with denser wood. divided the section into two parts, the small top part and the large bottom part. I dropped the small part from 3.7 meters into the big part. (It was said that the section burned out and the top of the building collapsed on the bottom part). That didn’t work. I tried cheating and dropped the wood onto the bottom part made of paper. That also didn’t work.
  10. Computer model won’t be accepted. Only if the help contributes to winning the challenge
  11. An open contract is legally binding when one starts to carry it out and that includes one asking how to do it in this forum. If he doesn’t pay, the court will force him. How can you do it with just a model?
  12. Anders Bjorkman has put out an open contract for a 1 million euros to create a scale model simulation of the trade tower collapse. I’ve been trying to recreate it but unsuccessful so far. How do I create a pancake collapse?
  13. When the pump is not pumping, the flow is because of the fluid inertia that was obtained when the pump was pumping. Like a car when you accelerate to 60mph and then you let go of the accelerator, the car will still move 60mph even thought there are no forces being applied assuming no friction when the pump is pumping it moves the fluid because of pressure gradient
  14. “If the pump can create suction, there will be very little” how do you suppose a pump works if it doesn’t create a pressure difference to create flow?
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