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  1. They offered me a job doing this and learned me how to do neurological modulation and read specialist code . I have a bank transfer receipt that proves the link .
  2. I believe , know , that there is machine code and a group of people , that use online neurological manipulation to promote terror , murder etc .
  3. Now this must be correct !
  4. Does that say gravity A to B equals Tensor A to B ? Well actually since a while back when I wrote that I've considered changing it and trying to define that in solely energy terms . In my present model that would read E=-E+E/R^3 =0 Which explains everything that exists .
  5. My physics at least is my own physics and not just a repeat of others ! c is falling regardless of what Maxwell or others said . Newton was correct about apples and they fall in a straight line as do falling photons . I wish somebody would seriously help with the math .
  6. Ok, the attractive force in the scenario manifold comes from the -E How would you present that in math ? I'm not very good at math , not a troll . There is nothing wrong with my physics .
  7. I could never hope to win an argument against moderators but all the same I'll attempt it ! Who says there is no tensor force ? Don't you mean that nobody as yet discovered or written a scientific paper on a tensor force ? Gravity is quite clearly a force , the force that keeps things on the ground . My math means nothing to you is the correct statement , the reason is because you don't understand it and are not willing to attempt to understand it . An equivalent to aliens visiting the earth and you telling them their math is meaningless just because you personally don't get it . Likewise I see some of your math seems meaningless . My math on force etc is based on negative energy -E Where all +E is attracted to -E Consider a 4 dimensional manifold X,Y,Z and E Consider at the center of the manifold is a single point -E How would you describe in math the +E of the manifold volume being attracted to the single -E point in a centripetal isotropic manner ? Linear algebra ? I have so far : -Ec^3
  8. You may be correct about my math but I really do understand the nature of forces and the physical aspects involved . Mass curves space-time energy towards it with a linear force of gravity . I disagree , force is everything more or less . The tensor force that is expanding our universe is slightly stronger than the tensor force that holds it together . A tensor force creates linear field lines and mass gravitational force curves these lines to create space-time curvature . Consider a taught bed sheet that was being supported in each corner , then drop an iron ball in the middle of the sheet so the sheet become slightly concave and curved downwards . The force that creates the curve is the gravity linear force pulling down on the iron ball . If there were no gravity ''under the sheet'' , the sheet wouldn't concave as the iron ball would have no weight to cause effect on the form of the taught sheet . P.s People don't want to try and understand my math . Any ''negative'' point of space has gravitational force .
  9. So the answer is not none then because you state there is a force and it is the force between the two poles . I assume you mean the + and - signs . So in essence you are saying a circuit is made ! Ok , can you tell me why a battery will go flat over a period of time when not being used ? Where does the charge go and by what force ?
  10. In my hand I have a 7.5v battery off a RC car that I've been attaching to a fan in a test of aerodynamics . The thought occurred that the battery in my hand retains a charge and the charge retains for a lengthy period . Now when I attach the fan connection and my blades start to revolve , I considered that there is now a current flowing from my battery to the fan , A to B Can you please tell me what force the fan is applying on my battery that creates an inflow of energy , extracting the energy from my battery ? F(X) = ? F is force X is vector a = charge b=wire and fan
  11. Yes I do need to learn and I am always willing to learn . c=F<E Force , energy and the speed of EMR traversing through a vacuum . If a cold volume doesn't attract energy then how do things reach room temperature ? My chicken that is defrosting tells me otherwise ! Gravity is a negative ! There is a difference within an atmosphere and in space . There is also a difference of how a body influences bodies over distances . Obviously things don't fly off the earth because of inertia and the gravitational force is stronger at ground level . I agree a good teacher and a few pages is great also but for a basic introduction into math and physics my math does explain c . I am highly confident that the force = less energy positions
  12. You are correct I do not completely understand ''your'' math on light but neither did you or anybody else until they learnt the math . However , you say my equation is meaningless without learning what it means . Let me try to explain , my math teaches somebody a physical process that removes the need for pages and pages of education learning the physics process . It doesn't give and is not meant to give units and values . The result my math gives is an understanding of the actual physical process . I describe the momentum of light is because there is an applied force of attraction , this force being a sate of being <E . When I described F=<E That is showing the physical process , a physical reason for all spatial motion . I am not talking bollox when we know a cold volume attracts heat .
  13. I don't reject this ! I am talking something different than that , force .
  14. The thread got closed , I did present the math F<E I'd need help to put in units and a measurement .
  15. c is a variable passing through a medium as mediums are variable and not invariant like a vacuum . Isn't that true ? Inertia
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