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  1. Ye hes in south west too 😕 i will get him to join here as had a look through and seems like genuinely good help is available
  2. I am helping look for a tutor for my brother (A level chem) as hes really struggling. Hes doing fine in his other subjects but got a C in his mock. Hes got a good knowledge of the principles but it seems like hes losing marks due to missing key things they award marks to in your answer if that makes sense. More exam technique issues than actual understanding. We did post an ad on gumtree but kept getting scam calls after I posted it so had to remove, we didn't get one genuine call which is pretty ridiculous. I've posted in my local Facebook group but not had much response. Looked on some official tutoring sites and the prices just seem unreasonably high. Alternatively if there are any online resources he could use that is as good as a tutor please point us in the right direction. Thank you.
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