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  1. Albion23


    Where would you want to be buried?
  2. Albion23


    What if they were using this as a home or house and they were not dead and were alive.
  3. Albion23


    Incorrect... i don't believe it couldn't destroy. I believe that if the pyramid was to be attacked by an alien technology the person inside would be protected massively as stone is very dense. I thank you
  4. Albion23


    Im sorry i am new to this i have never used a forum before. if you look at the picture of the pyramids with the tomb inside it. it shows a great mass of stone above it. why would a "person" put them selfs so deep down into the soil. The Answer is: Because if a nuclear or alien technology came from the top down. it would blow up on the sides and Ricochet off or alternatively if it was to hit the pinnacle point of the top of the pyramid it would blast a hole in the stone and not be able to affect the "person" or "persons" inside the most the most important "person" is always at the bottom post into The ground.
  5. Albion23


    The pyramids are a bomb shelter, please watch this documentary and you will understand. spam link deleted
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