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  1. exactly right, which is why I'm wondering if there is a way to do this in a low cost way that doesn't involve dangerous radioactive gold as an end result. And that doesn't involve me building a nuclear reactor lol. might have to study the periodic table and work with different elements on this one. I'm not equipped to maintain a reactor as a source of neutrons
  2. thank you! so i know how much energy i need but I'm not sure as of yet how much power i'll need for the transmutation. The only comparison i'll have to calculate from is either nuclear or bombardment. but you and Dr. Swanson have put me on a closer path to achieving my goal. options are via decay of unstable isotopes, by reaction of fissionable isotopes in a nuclear reactor, and by bombardment of nuclei in an accelerator with high-speed particles. I'll have to think on this one for a bit
  3. constant as in non fluctuation, not sure speed is a factor. I simply need an energy source that produces at least 12 MeV and doesn't drop below that but i found that a microwave with electromagnetic heating and a catalyst of oil will be more than capable of handling what i need. 12 Mev = 1.9226e-12 or 0.00000000000192261‬ joules microwave 6000 Mev = 9.61306e-10 converted to 0.000000000961306. good to go on this one. the way a microwave heats is by using friction so materials that wouldn't react well to this need a catalyst to assist in the process. for example if you take a piece of graphite and transmute it into a diamond by using a microwave you can't just throw it in the microwave and heat it. you would need to make a crucible with two coffee cups. however graphite isn't reactive enough to microwaves to be turned into a plasma. so you would use a catalyst of oil to be the reactor to turn the graphite to plasma and using vapor deposition you would be left with a tiny manufactured diamond (underneath the scale). so theoretically I MIGHT be good to go, however I'm unsure as if my project will work because my goal is to make an element lose one proton. considering the properties of the element itself its going to be difficult. however turning mercury to gold has been done. <- what i would like to recreate. but its been done with bombardment of fast neutrons. I'm trying to create a simpler way of achieving this goal.
  4. one thing you're doing is what the original creator of the experiment died regretting "narrowing your focus" you're dismissing ALL of the experiment by focusing on "over crowding" you stated "we are not rats" that's like stating humans can't get stressed and "feel" overcrowded, while suffering some of the same conditions. while its true we are not rats, the thought process of a human is vastly different. There are people who choose to be homosexual and people who state they can't help it , its just how they are. There are some people who put themselves through torture thinking they need to reprogram themselves because they're homosexual. My point being while I agree that this test wouldn't be exactly proportional to human causes in its entirety, its not so easy to dismiss just because "we're not rats" we do share at least 1/4th of our DNA with rats. (just a fun fact) You stated we're not and have never lived under those artificial levels of stress. my counter- War, Famine, disease, slavery = yes we have, and in some parts of the world still do. There are land disputes by native tribes in different parts of the world over resources all the time. which actually usually involve cannibalism. Secondly - prison. Why would there necessarily have to be a correlation between levels of cannibalism and homosexuality? humans don't have to eat each other to sleep with each other, most of us have a moral compass that wouldn't allow cannibalism. Although it is still practiced in some parts of the world, mostly over resource disputes between tribes when food and other resources were/are scarce. Such as the pygmies being eaten by Congo rebels. you stated there is no evidence that levels of homosexuality have increased, we must always have lived under that level of stress. Actually i think levels of homosexuality has probably decreased due to our modern advancements. We have so much less stress now. We have vaccinations and cures for sicknesses and diseases that killed hundreds of thousands. We don't have to go stab our neighbors in the neck with a spear because we suffered a crop failure in our kingdom. We're no longer eat up with parasites, cold, wet, and generally starving because we might or might not get to eat and living in a cave. My last point, and the actual point and the point John B. Calhoun tried to make. Was the fact that it was a combination of things that caused the increased homosexuality. 1: yes over crowding was a factor, but there was competition for food, for sex with females to reproduce, for nesting grounds, for property. In crowded conditions disease and sickness spreads like wildfire. Just interacting with a female could have possibly meant having to fight your way past 6 other rodents. Not all builds are equal - the bigger and meaner the better (alpha and beta). If you have to fight Hercules to get some booty from Sarah and you know you're going to die, a solution might be to just bang Jim. The testosterone levels must have been insane not to mention the flood of adrenaline and dopamine. This experience left many rats asexual <- this is the most interesting outcome for me personally. The surviving rats were so traumatized that they turned into anti social a-sexual's that could no longer integrate with society. This made me think, WAR. these rats must have went through something akin to literal war. An interesting study which includes the use of dopamine and Oxytocin https://www.iflscience.com/brain/sexual-preference-rats-influenced-oxytocin-and-dopamine/. Amazingly, the effects of the hormones and drugs were not just limited to behavioral responses, but also changed the physiology of the rats' brains. It has long been thought that a region of the hypothalamus in the brain, the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the medial preoptic area (SDN-POA), is related to sexual preference. For all species of mammals so far investigated, it has been shown to be sexually dimorphic, with the male SDN 5-7 times larger than the females. This is thought to be related to the amount of testosterone experienced during the first postnatal days. During the experiment, the researchers found that those rats treated with oxytocin saw their SDN shrink. This specifically can tie Us as humans in with this experience as we are mammals, and we have testosterone. One reason your research may present the fact that homosexuality has been constant even with a rise in population is due to reduced stress and a gain in resources. Which was explained above. Everyone is looking for increases without taking the fact of what we as modern day people have achieved.
  5. so then this question is answered. energy has mass, it has been confirmed, so it is proper to refer to that energy as mass.
  6. In a 1962 edition of Scientific American, the ecologist John B Calhoun presented the results of a macabre series of experiments conducted at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).1 He had placed several rats in a laboratory in a converted barn where – protected from disease and predation and supplied with food, water and bedding – they bred rapidly. The one thing they were lacking was space, a fact that became increasingly problematic as what he liked to describe as his “rat city” and “rodent utopia” teemed with animals. Unwanted social contact occurred with increasing frequency, leading to increased stress and aggression. Following the work of the physiologist, Hans Selye, it seemed that the adrenal system offered the standard binary solution: fight or flight.2 But in the sealed enclosure, flight was impossible. Violence quickly spiralled out of control. Cannibalism and infanticide followed. Males became hypersexual, pansexual and, an increasing proportion, homosexual. Calhoun called this vortex “a behavioural sink”. Their numbers fell into terminal decline and the population tailed off to extinction. At the experiments’ end, the only animals still alive had survived at an immense psychological cost: asexual and utterly withdrawn, they clustered in a vacant huddled mass. Even when reintroduced to normal rodent communities, these “socially autistic” animals remained isolated until death. In the words of one of Calhoun’s collaborators, rodent “utopia” had descended into “hell”. You can read more about such experiments here : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2636191/ most of his findings were simplified and narrow focused, much to his dismay when he died. but there have been tests that show crazy effects of both overpopulation, low resources and a combination of environmental stress. Think about an a-sexual where does this fit in with pleasure, DNA encodes us to survive, mental health perhaps? but again mental health is affected by both environmental factors and stress.
  7. this issue has been defeated by human kind. I work in the DNA field and have noticed that DNA isn't just HARD coded but is seriously effected by environmental factors. One reason homosexuality might exist and be prevalent is due to environmental over population and stress (tested and recreated using mice). However, Homosexuality no longer means your genes can't be passed on directly as we can use in vitro fertilization with a sperm donor or using Surrogacy. 'Further more, science has a controversial 3 parent technique. This means that a child can be born with the genes of 2 men and a woman 2 women and a man. so....yeah we can make genetic human chimeras so that both of the couples are genetic parents for the child. So in the modern day Homosexuality has evolved due to science, in the past possibly need. sexuality is still a fascinating concept because of biological functionality. sex went from "i need to preserve my species, genes etc" to "this feels good". I'm less curious about homosexuality and more interested in bi-sexual mind sets. In my opinion people who are bisexual are superior as they can choose to have children or choose not to depending on various factors. they're perfect compliments to environmental factors, such as over population, lack of resources, disease and stress that could potentially lead to the perfect balance of the human race. But i don't actually know for sure, this is just my opinion on the matter.
  8. if you take E=MC2 and change it to M=E/C2 then Einsteins equation suggest that energy itself has mass. use an order of magnitude calculation. I take a piece of metal and put energy into it via heat. 100kg of iron x 4000 (specific heat) x temperature increase of 100. = 4x10^7th Joules of energy. M= 4x10^7th / 10^17= 10^-10 kg. Its literally a fraction of a nanogram? so slight that you would never be able to perceive it, but its still there. ^ rough example
  9. if this is the wrong forum let me know. how to find how much energy is released in an alpha decay. e=mc2 mass of uranium is 232.03714 when uranium decays into thorium adam its mass is 228.02873 and a helium atom 4.00260 so, e=mc2 for alpha decay of uranium mass defect e= 232.03714 u x c2 final e= 228.02873u+ 4.00260u the initial mass - the final mass = 0.00581 u since 1u= 1.66x10 raised to the -27th power of kilograms plug and play (0.00581 u)(1.66x10 to the -27th power kg/u) =(9.6446x10 raised to the - 30th power)(3x10 raised to the 8th)2 (squared) =8.68x10 raised to the -13th power J (joules 8.68 x 10 to the -13th power = 0.000000000000868 J = 5.4176301099498358482 MeV One bolt of lighting contains roughly 1-5 billions joules of energy or 6.241509343e+21 so a statement a few questions. I need to generate a constant 12 MeV's 1:) can photo transmutation be done with energy other than nuclear? electromagnetic vibrations with a catalyst perhaps? Does photo transmutation absolutely have to have Gama radiation, bombardment, or inducted into a natural state of alpha or beta decay? 2:) what could i build or do to generate a constant minimum of 12 MeV's.
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