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  1. Hi there. I attempted this and it emitted no odour. What would you suggest to me? Thank you. Lin. P.S.. In my original post I said it was Putrescine Hydrochloride but it’s actually Putrescine Dihydrochloride. Does this make any potential difference?
  2. Hey folks. I have a question I hope you can help aid me with... If you mix Caesium Hydroxide, Cyanuric Acid and Charcoal and apply heat to 600 Degrees Celsius, would this be the basis/end result for Caesium Cyanide? Thank you. Lin.
  3. Hi guys. Thank you for your reply. Could you advise me as to whether adding Potassium Hydroxide to Putrescine Hydrochloride (Salt Form) will cause it to react to release the odour? Also, if the formation of the Potassium Hydroxide were flakes, should a fluid be added at all such as H2O to activate it? Thank you. Lin.
  4. Hi everyone. Why does Putrescine Hydrochloride in ‘Salt’ formation not emit an odour? Does it have to be activated by something additional to make it have an odour? Thank you. Lin.
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