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  1. @Strange yeah.. that is a good idea to record the unsuspecting person and record their reaction but i cant do that from where i live everyone knew me here or heard stories about me. I think my number one problem is financial i cannot move freely "you need money to make money". @Strange i don't know, all i know is i'am truly a telepathic person believe it or not.
  2. @John Cuthber of course i need the media to make noise as much as possible in order skeptics and other organizations will come ive been working alot of sending them emails but as far im concern not its a bit slow.. so far i was sending them emails for 2 weeks its to early anyways but very hopeful none the less @phi thank you for all the best wishes for me... when the time will come i will be a test subject i hope they will use the data in greater purposes. I know the dark side is always lurking out there and i bet they have there own and if i got it someone already got it first the nature of everything. @Strange very amusing in did... maybe if a technology can somehow get the supposedly "frequency" and translate it to a speaker then it is possible. i guess i would say Welcome to the New World : )
  3. no, i am not joking .. miss type
  4. @John Cuthber if you choose not to believe its fine... most people don't believe it anyways.... but if want to DIG more of it try to search my name in DAVAO CITY PHILIPPINES for sure you can find rumors about me.. my name is ARNOLD UNGAB i use my real name on purpose just incase they will dig my name and find clues about me. I told you before this is a joke , troll or a fake new mostly NOT a fake story. i've been contacting alot of news media hopefully they will give a chance to prove it along with skeptics and you shall know that i'am the real deal. thank you very much
  5. @Strange 1. i can send random messages to a person and the person heard it, that includes words numbers and symbols. 2. if the person want send me a message (words , numbers and symbols)i cannot hear it . 3. some people around included my neighbors convinced i have the ability to communicate they even to try on how i communicate telepathically and the can't ( some of them see to destroy me ) because of my ability. ps. not a good test subject 4. when i got angry my ability to communicate is so strong they will get a depressed they have a long face and a very frowned lips. The reason im trying to reach an organization for me able to test my ability in scientific grounds, about the money i don't have it so its hard for me to go to another country just to test my ability so i need an organization to do it. I assure you im no fake, I'am the real deal. @Ghideon well if they can do that then im a low level xmen for 10 meters only lol wtf. but im telling you the whole truth i just don't know how to tell it to you that is the reason i need someone in person to tell that i have it, they dont have to know me or meet be before that's all i can say.
  6. i dont have the money to support you. That is the reason im looking for an organization because i dont have the finances to make it plus they want the truth its a good trade for both parties.
  7. I'am not confused, mentally ill or insane just telling you the whole truth i know i'ts hard to swallow the truth but if you are willing to test me out in person then i will convince you more than a hundred percent. please meet me in person i will not disappoint you neither the skeptics... that's all i can say, you can also file me a fraud or put me in prison if i fail for me this is a Serious matter. its kinna funny when i see a claimed telepathic person and gets all the scientific community to test then out but im just right here, where are they when truth is needed then.
  8. @iNow so what are they looking for exect for money then? iam very hopeful they will find me. i try so hard to find then in no avail even the media here don't want it but they want some fake telepath or whatever .. the reason is obvious they want money not the truth... so most of forums they will dismiss it as they will find out my name right away it pisses me off... they want the truth ill bring it to them. @iNow also i contacted some website thatconducts telepathic experiments so far most of them turned down like a said when they found out my name what is with that. I still hopeful about it that Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and others will take as a test subject in the experiment, please help me contact more Telepathic skeptics, media and other alternative that is willfully conduct experiments on my telepathic ability. hope you to kind sir.
  9. @iNow im sorry if you are confused but im absolutely sure i have a telepathic ability that frustrates alot because when the skeptics are looking fot it they dismiss right away it seems they are looking for money in television but not the truth... well here i am just looking for them so please in the kindness of your heart help find and contact them so "this" will bring to the light. thank you
  10. @Ghideon my answers we're quality just my english in not @zapatos like i said the previous posts i have limitations on range im not proffesor x in xmen which is impossible if you want to know my ability then you have to come in the philippines Davao city ill pm you my skype ID so we can talk personally on where i live, besides talk is cheap anyway time its to do action.
  11. and what is the message might be, may i ask ?
  12. i'am able to travel to Europe and USA if financial is not a problem so i have some thoughts of mine that maybe a representative of an organization will go here in davao philippines and verify my claims, besides it is hard to pass anything in the embassy to travel esp. in USA and Europe, if i'am invited and financial no worries then i'm all SET. it's not quantity but quality @Ghideon i had my own but there will no more willing participants, no one is trolling me, i did not pay someone for those test, infact when i try to do those tests i can control or manifest some of their physiology. that is the reason i want a controlled laboratory so bad and group of scientist because they are not just very educated also patience and experience
  13. I'll try harder maybe they recommend me to other organizations thank you @zapatos it is not an excuse i won't be here if i got it
  14. @iNow Thank you for the advice https://www.sheldrake.org/participate i will look into it and hopefully get on board to their ship Best of luck @John Cuthber I live in the Davao City Philippines there a quite a few homeless but they are mentally ill, students are impossible in addition most of them don't follow strict rules about bored housewives it's insane because the mentality of men here are "macho" thing so it will make alot of problems. To some places its realy hard to get a experimental subjects
  15. @Ghideon i would like to test that theory but the sad truth is there will no more willing participants in the exercise. Badly need a willing participant so i can experiment with my hearts content without compromising Myself , the ability and the experiments for future endeavors.
  16. @Strange Most people are scared of the unknown, and the people here are scared of it, they prefer either to contain or killed it... to an intellectual person prefer it to manage. @Mordred @Mordred im hopeful people including you sir may tell an organization or group of people that will conduct such experiments with a willing participant. @dimreepr I understand to a point of view of a fellow skeptic but i assure you sir if you are going to meet me i'll prove it to you but my telepathic ability have a range and its not like in the movies as presented.
  17. There is no free will... humans will kill each other in no time, even in stone age the were a rules in a clan or group of tribes, that is how humanity works at best.
  18. @Strange i don't know i mean all i need is a willing participant for the experiments and no one is willing to be a test subject. besides organizations have a lot of technologies and funding meanwhile i'm very poor... so i really need money to conduct experiments a very controlled one. will help me sir @Mordred I would love too but there are no willing participants it seem i am surround by poor minded people, not knowing the huge potential of this ability. For those telepathic skeptics that i've seen on television, Sir Mordred please help me to find contact them. They want the real deal well here i'am just waiting....
  19. @Phi for All less than 10 meters @Mordred Absolutely not. true, i'm not a scientist so i dont know how to do it.. scientific is very rigorous task and must be a controlled manner see above replied message Ghideon -
  20. -Is a message text only? * i cannot send a text message to a person mind possibly words.. -Can a message be numerical? *yes numbers , words and also symbols. -Can the message consist of random letters? *did not test it yet by any random letters but more of a straight communication -Can a text message be delivered in a different language? * yes -Is a message delivered exactly letter by letter? * yes -Will the receiver be able to distinguish "peace" from "peas"? *yes -Does the receiver have to know about the subject or understand the words that makes up the message? *no, the receiver don't have to the subject -How does the receiver "know" that they have the message? What kind of sensation is triggered? *we don't know how it works but the person can here it just like normal talking -Is "intention" or feelings delivered with the message? Example: "Now that was just freaking awesome" could be a sarcastic comment or meant as a compliment. * like i said the person felt like its normal talking Some additional notes to start modeling the phenomenon*: -Is the effect exactly the same for all receiving individuals or are there differences? * yes there have different feeling -What happens at the sending side if there is no individual receiving the message? *normal -What happens with the other people around, will they receive the message? * confused -What happens if you do not know if there is a person in the receiving room? Can you tell? * i can tell if there is receiver -Can the receiving individual choose to not listen to messages? * they can't -Over what range can the message be transferred? * 10 meter or more it depends on the sender -What happens at maximum range, are some parts dropped? Some messages are not transferred? Other? * they receiver mixed messages -Are some recipients are more sensitive, receiving messages at longer distances? * absolutely @John Cuthber im nof proffesor X and we are not in X men
  21. yes i did that kind of experiment and they wont become a willing witnesses i don't know what is the prob but as far im concern the person hated me. so i need a educated and understand the scientific methods also a willing participant in the exercise.
  22. Yes i can in short distances only for example i can send a message "Blue peninsula hopping trousers twisted badly" without opening my mouth just direct from my mind to the other person's mind and the person can receive it .. this is my reason why i want a scientific experiments regarding my ability. The only problem is will be there enough scientists to look for it, experiment with it in a controlled laboratory. I want to manage it badly enough and to get data from it so i an refine it.... there is a huge potential to any sorts of application. will you help me sir.. lol, a great joke for a non believer but if i ever get tested i will invite you for sure.... @Studiot all i want is a scientific research, experiment and complete data of it... besides 99.99 percent of all people that claim they have the telepathic ability is completely sham and make alot of money from non skeptical people. @Strange yes i can, i just need a scientific measurement in a control laboratory thus prove it does exist and hopefully be accepted in the scientific community. Quantum mechanics was a myth before and the people word hard at it was being laughed insultingly before now it is purely accepted in the community.
  23. I can prove to world of science that i can do telepathic ability or send messages directly mind to mind, does any scientific organization or persons are willing to conduct such experiment.Please help to find people that are willing to make experiments because i am a willing participant. Thank you
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