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  1. So I slept recently on the back of my smartphone which was lying on my pillow and woke to a number of noises in my left ear all data sounds I can hear all the noises directly behind my eardrum none are in the brain - I’ve looked up and seen that the temporal bone can absorb radio waves and humans can hear audible buzzes clicks etc that mimic tinnitus as do these noises (Tinnitus can’t be plugged but if I plug my ear I can remove some of the noises) but these noises aren’t coming from the temporal bone area above the ear they are directly behind the ear drum - worse still I recently bit down on a piece of allimnium foil by accident which not only sparked a galvanic reaction sending pain to my head from the fillings I have in my left upper molars but it also created a new unheard of noise. my question is can the ear absorb radio waves and turn them into sound or is this somehow linked to the fillings as crazy as it sounds this really happened/ happening
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