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  1. Thanks, I understand that calcium is a good thing when in ionic form. Now I understand that that is the ONLY form that is found in the blood stream. What about the urine stream? Do the bigger chunks rejected by the intestine cause kidney stones? In my personal case, I was just diagnosed with calcific aortic valve disease. Seems to be a genetic factor, so maybe not dietary at all. I think that (excessive?) calcium is implicated in arthritis? kidney stones? arteriosclerosis? But apparently it is not the size of the particles that determines the danger, because there are only calcium ions, which are all the same size (smaller than a calcium atom?) So it must be either too much of a good thing causing problems, or some aggregation of calcium ions with other substances ?
  2. and only "dissolved" (single, independent, free, lonely) ions will pass through that intestine wall, because that is the intestine's job-- to select out these tiny particles, smaller than an atom. Everything bigger would be rejected and pooped out. ??? So any accumulations or aggregations of calcium that wreak havoc in the body are re-combinations of these same tiny ions. ???
  3. chenbeier, what you say about "other compounds" causing heart attacks is interesting. I'd like hear more about that. I have the "calcific aortic valve" condition. I wonder what form is the calcium in dairy products? free ions?
  4. so they are not atoms, but actually less than atoms, and they are the only way calcium is found in the body. Even if we drink hard water or eat Tums, etc, those larger molecules or chunks of calcium carbonate will be 100% disassembled by the digestive system leaving only individual calcium ions in the blood stream. Thanks I was delusionally seeing gigantic rocks careening through the body, lodging in the joints and organs.
  5. yes, thanks. The only calcium in the bloodstream is single, free ions (single atoms with one electron missing?) The large chunks of calcium carbonate which we consume are ALL perfectly disassembled by the digestive process.
  6. Regarding calcium in the bloodstream, in drinking water, and in food. Are calcium ions always single, free atoms? Is that the definition of "dissolved?" (single atoms?) Does the bloodstream contain any undissovled calcium? how much? how big? Does drinking water contain any undissolved calcium? Does it all dissolve when consumed by animals? Regarding calcium supplements, and antacids made from ground oyster shells : Do these large, undissolved pieces readliy "dissolve" in water or in the body? Or do some large chunks remain, roaming at large in the body?
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