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  1. The things you suggest have been and are being done. I told you the results. Also, only about 1 in 10 people on this planet are White. And considering all those who consider themselves to be White who aren't, it is probably more like 1/2 out of 10. Do you really think there are enough of us to go around to teach non-whites the right way? Or that we ourselves might not have better things to do? Such as look after our own problems? If you want to expand your mind, I have some suggestions for you. STOP TRYING TO ADVERTISE.
  2. I am not a scientist. So you would need somebody who knows more about geology than I to explain it. But there very well could have been something going on with the position of the continents that had something to do with global temperatures back then. And in more recent ages we have been having a lot of cycles between ice ages and thawing. Maybe I am wrong. But according to something I was watching once about geology, it was North and South America becoming connected and altering the ocean currents that is to blame for that. Also, apparently at one point, the whole earth was one giant ball of ice. I don't remember if they had any explanation for that. Capitalism is to blame. If there is money to be made, people will tend to do it. Americans and Europeans shouldn't have to suffer because of plutocratic elitists who suffer from affluenza. But there are bigger problems than what White people do. Namely, overpopulation. Every single day there are about 228,000 more people on the planet than there was the day before. That is like every single day plopping the population of Richmond VA or Bosie ID onto the surface of the planet. Also, around 66.8% of people from the Middle East and Africa are under the age of 30. A prime breeding age. Now here is the interesting point. The population levels of White people aren't rising. In some places, they may even be going down a little. So what are White people to do? I will show you a picture of somebody who knew the right approach. You are wrong. There is something you can do about yesterday. If what you did was wrong, regret it. And that will go a long way towards doing something about what happens tomorrow.
  3. Just how much do you want me to articulate. That Napoleon said what he did? If you don't believe it, look it up. That Tolstoy said what he did? If you don't believe it, look it up. That in war, truth is the first casualty or that history is written by the victors? You can either believe that or not. The point is that just about everything you think you know about history is BS. Or in other words, lies. What good is philosophy in the presence of lies. That's it. If you want specifics, there are many of them out there. But in my highly experienced opinion, this forum isn't the place for them. But if I feel the need to start a thread about a specific truth, I will do so.
  4. Here is how things go with me. I am given of choosing a file to upload. Then I do so. After that, nothing happens. I will try doing so from a url. I'll see if that makes any difference. Next, what I want to discuss is the impending doom we all face. That is clear enough. And just as an added bonus, here are pictures of methane bubbles rising from the sea floor.
  5. If I was able, truth. More truth than anybody around here is likely able to handle. And even then, without being able to download pictures to back up what I say, what's the point. I tried to direct others around here to a forum where truth could be discussed. But the name of that forum was deleted. Here in this open forum, I can direct you where to go to see a little of the truth. Though I expect it to disappear too. But at least you will know. If you decide to read it, get ready for hell. Enter into your browser, "The Truth: Unforbidden!" You will find a free ebook with that title. It is only 100 pages long with many pictures. For anybody around here, it should be just a little light reading. But considering the cults you most likely follow, it will be unpleasant. I assure you. But true none the less.
  6. I see that this thread was moved to speculations. Did you do it? If so, I am wondering what it is about it that you find speculatory. Or is it because I didn't include links or pictures of graphs. (Not that I can get anything to download anyway) Being at a science forum, you can't be that dumb. To followers of the human caused global warming denying cult, no amount of graphs or links are going to make any difference.
  7. But then again, anything without truth is a waste of time. Take history. I see that there is no history section around here. Which is just as well. Because Napoleon said, "History is a set of lies agreed upon." And Tolstoy said, "History would be a wonderful thing. If it were only true." Much of history comes about through the winners of some conflict. As it is said, "History is written by the victors." Also, it is said, "In war, truth is the first casualty." For the winning side, it remains a casualty. I could tell you truths about history and back them up that would cause the paint on your walls to peal. But not here. I know this because I have been banned from just about every forum that exists. Why? Because truth is forbidden. And freedom of speech is just a fairy tale.
  8. This section speaks of the rational foundations of religion. But there are no rational foundations of religion. It is all BS! About 20 years ago I wrote a book on this very topic. It is called "Our Holy Hell: The Causes, The Solutions." Though it deals mainly with the judaic-christian religion. If you want to read it, just google the title. You will find it. But just to let you know what you will be in for, I will tell you what the first four chapters are. 1. Stupidity and lies of the old testament. 2. Evil of the old testament. 3. Stupidity and lies of the new testament. 4. Evil of the new testament.
  9. This forum does suck. Four threads created, two closed down to debate and another that fell off the face of the earth. And yesterday I replied to a reply. Then found out that it was the only thing I was allowed to post in one day. I also tried to send a PM to Sensei and zapatos. I was unable to do so. Though I guess it is possible that they have set things up so that they can't receive private messages. But I don't know why anybody would want to do that. Next, I wish I knew why I can't download things. Maybe it's because I use a VPN. But that has never hindered me at any other forum. Though I tried to join a forum similar to this one called The Science Forum. Apparently I was unable to because I use a VPN. Next, if you or anybody else wants any further discussion out of me, you might do well to just send me a PM. Who knows. Maybe I'll actually be allowed to reply to it.
  10. In part 1 of this topic, it was closed down to debate because I couldn't download the information I wanted to. So I will just tell you what it was. It was part of something pertaining to the amount of CO2 humanity is now producing and the amount of CO2 that was being produced that led to the Permian extinction. Which is about the same. But there is a wild card in all of this. If I could download graphs, I would download one that shows that for a very long time, the earth has been getting cooler. As you can imagine, when things are cooler, methane and methane hydrate ice can more easily form. And with our rapidly warming climate, there is much of it just waiting to be released. As far as I have ever been able to find out, the circumstances we are now facing aren't anything that the earth has seen before. It is uncharted territory. Also, as you may know, methane is 86 times more potent of a greenhouse gas than CO2. There is more CO2 in the atmosphere than methane. But what methane there is goes a long way. And it is ever increasing. If I could download pictures, I would show you a graph that shows how methane levels are increasing. It is another of the hockey stick types of graphs that you are probably all familiar with. Except this one has 86 times more of a greenhouse kick to it than just CO2. Which by itself is bad enough. If anybody would be willing to post such a graph in this thread, I would appreciate it. Though that depends on whether or not the mods will allow me to post it. And even if they do, I don't know how much discussion I will be able to get involved in. Because yesterday, I replied to a reply. And found out that was the only thing I would be allowed to post in one day. (I say sarcastically) "LONG DIE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!"
  11. Luckily I belong to another forum. One that you would most likely never go to. Because the real truth is allowed there. It is called redacted. My username there is redacted. Make of this information what you will.
  12. You have probably heard of a scenario where the government knows that doom is imminent, but keeps it secret from the public to maintain order. Well that is happening right now. Though this doom probably won't show itself for another 30 years. But when it happens, it will happen very quickly. Because human caused global warming will most likely have an exponential effect. Which means that the warmer things get, the faster they will become even hotter. For example, I was reading something about what would happen if there was a lake where there was algae growing and it doubled its numbers every day. In about 20 days, half of the lake would be covered. The very next day, the whole thing would be covered. And that is just with a doubling. You could imagine what an exponential effect would be. On TV I often hear them talking about what the earth will be like in the year 2100. But no humans are likely to see that date. Recently I heard that the oceans were 60% warmer than what scientists predicted they would be. At least any scientists that our government allowed to be heard. I also recently heard that one glacier in particular was melting 10 times faster that it was thought it would be doing. It is that exponential thing again. 10 or 20 years from now, you will hear the same sort of thing that will be happening then. But expect the oceans to be more than 60% warmer and glaciers melting more than 10 times faster than what was predicted. I will show you something about what is going on with greenhouse gases that if you haven't already seen it, you should find interesting. Well it was an idea anyway. It appears as though I can't download images. So what I was going to show you is going to have to remain a mystery.
  13. I didn't dance around anything. I said what I had to say. Also, since when is there a rule against belonging to more than one forum. And if I belong to another one, I should be able to say that I belong to another one. And not only that, to say what that forum is. Having said that, this is a science forum, is it not. Do you have any scientific opinions you would like to share? If so, I would like your scientific opinion as to why freedom of speech is bad. Indeed. Most people don't really care what happens. As long as it happens to someone else.
  14. I wasn't sure which category to put this under. So I put it here. As the title says, I have smashed fossil fuels. It is an idea I came up with about 20 years ago. Would you like to hear about it? Are you willing to walk through hell to hear the solution? Because you're going to have to. The reason for that being that chances are you are too invested in the system in which you became all scientific to want change to happen to that system. I brought this subject up to somebody at the political forum. He along with everybody else were doubters. But he was the only one who was willing to send me a PM for me to tell them where to go to see the information about my idea. I asked him to join the forum I directed him to so that we could discuss the matter there. He never did. Probably because after reading what I had to say, he didn't want to have to eat his doubtful and scornful words. I will tell you in the open forum here what I told him in a PM. If that is breaking some forum rule, oh well. So here it is. Go to the xxxxxx Forum and join it. In the science section there, you will see a thread with the same title as this. Read it and leave a reply. Given the gravity of the importance of the information you will find, I don't think it's too much to ask for you to reply to my thread there. You can view it as showing a little bit of gratitude for the information you will find. Especially if you know the reality of human caused global warming.
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