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  1. Sir here i am giving you little details: Ranking the criteria "A" and "B" based on result generated by Method1 and Method2 : CRITERIA METHOD1 METHOD2 A 0.7 0.5 B 0.5 0.7 here i want to know is there any concept that we can add here in this situation to get the final rank if both the Methods have equal importance. Note: i can not add the result of both met
  2. If we have two objects Obj1 and Obj2 along with we have two Methods for weight calculation of theses objects i.e. Method1 and Method2. If Obj1 have weight X1=0.7 from Method1 and weight Y1=0.5 from Method2 similarly, Obj2 have weight X2=0.5 from Method 1 and weight Y2=0.7 from method2 My objective is to Rank the obj1 and Obj2 according to there weight values determined from Method1 and Method2. Can anyone help me to tell the defined mathematical formula to get the, Rank of Obj1 = ? Rank of Obj2= ?
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