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  1. Yes! finally!! I’ve been seeing certain 2D images in extreme 3D / holographic perception so strong like I could put my hand into it and touch another layer inches if not feet deeper! A selective few instances for some images but a few every single time I look at it for as long as I want uninterrupted with no focus “effort/trying” at all ... Also , something I’ve noticed for years now if I stare at a focal point in clean cut grass and relax my vision / zone out so to speak , the one section I’m staring at will gradually turn into a perfect repeating pattern! My entire peripheral vision snaps into a perfect repeated mathematical repeating pattern like the old video games just stamped everywhere - I feel intuitively I’m getting a brief glimpse at the underlying hyper dimensional geometric framework structure that our mind compensated and allows chaos to cover the scaffolding of reality to appear random but just below that frequency is a mathematical grid pattern .... Im so very excited I found somebody who is experiencing the 2D images as clear incredible 3D holographic reflection it’s so beautifully mesmerizing and inspiring like a child seeing space fly by their head at night so clear and vivid it reaches out to touch its slow passing by steady and incredible bursts of tiny clusters of magnificent lights that morph into “faces?” .... that’s what I also experienced 40 plus years ago as a young inspired child in this realm of beauty magic and perception ... Super freaking cool to meet you!!!! George James Drufovka 🙏🏻
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