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  1. No, never. If you so feel; I apologise. It is nowhere in my nature to be sarcastic. More so, I am not a physicist and just trying to learn some physics. So how could I be sarcastic towards a professional physicist. Sorry again. Thanks
  2. Thanks. Thanks for your educating reply.
  3. Thanks. Yes, of course. This thread is certainly about what is time.
  4. Many thanks for your comment and sorry for delayed response. Of course this is my personal argument. But probably there is nothing incredulous. May be I was unable to state my point of view clearly. Of course, Time is not a force. I am simply trying to understand what is Time by analysing it from different angles. Thanks for your comments. Many thanks for the educating comment. I am not a physicist, this is a big handicap for me - I know. To some extent, I understand Relativity of simultaneity. However, I do think that reading of clocks can be compared only in same space (same height from a body) and same speed. Different heights and different speeds might give different readings from a clock, if I am not wrong. Anyway, relativity is not an issue here. I am simply trying to analyse time from different angles, to the extent I can do. I shall be more obliged to learn where I am not correct in my conclusions. Kindly specify. Thanks and regards.
  5. Let us ask the question, “What does a measuring tape read?” Is there any invisible length in the sky that it measures? Does it make any sense if we say that it is measuring an invisible spatial dimension of space? I think these answers hardly make a good sense. In my view, a more sensible answer will be that a measuring tape first of all reads its own length- its longest spatial extension. It tells that it is a meter long. It also tells that a meter- a man-made unit of length- is this much long. Then, by comparison, it measures the lengths of other objects too. After all, a measuring tape is just like any other object, any other tape; the only difference is that it is graduated, or marked (according to a man-made standard) to read its spatial extension. Similar explanation can be given for a clock. A clock too is like any other object that gets old every moment- that is, extends in its fourth dimension. Other objects too get old every moment but are generally not marked to measure their extension into their fourth dimension (though there are many that have such markings, like a developing embryo or a beating heart, albeit not very precise). A clock has been marked (according to some man-made standard) to measure and read its extension into its fourth dimension. It seems that, like a measuring tape, it too does not measure any invisible fourth dimension of space, any invisible time. Rather, it measures its extension into its own fourth dimension (its aging). In a simpler term, a clock measures and reads its own aging. Then, by comparison, it reads the aging of other objects. Now suppose, there is a growing tree, increasing in height (say length) by a meter every year. Is its length (the spatial dimension) responsible for its growth? Or its growth is responsible for its length? Certainly, the latter statement is true, not the former. The tree’s growth is responsible for its length (a spatial dimension). The spatial dimension of the tree is thus not the cause but the effect. It is not a requirement but an acquirement. Now we see that, along with its length, the tree is also gaining ‘age’. Similar question can be asked for its age too. Is age (the fourth dimension) of the tree responsible for its growth? Or its growth is responsible for its age? Naturally, its growth is responsible for its age. Thus, age, or the fourth dimension too is not the cause but the effect. Fourth dimension (say, time) is, therefore, not a requirement for aging, but is an acquirement for aging. Time seems to be the fourth dimension of objects, a measurement of their aging. Thus, in my view, a clock measures its own aging.
  6. Dear Sir First of all I express my deepest apology for not visiting the site and not replying to your comment for such a long time. It was due to some personal unavoidable reasons. Sorry, once again. Then I express my apology for linking my blog with my post as I did not know it is unethical. Now I sincerely thank you for going through my post and making such an educating comment. I shall now post my views directly on this page. I know I am not saying anything new about time. Many people have said the same, including you. But still, time remains an enigma. The reality of time still swings between 'Timelessness' and 'Time as an entity'. Therefore, I think we should keep on discussing the matter and trying to explain it from different angles. Regards Dayalanand
  7. Hello everybody. I am a student of biology. But for the last few years, I have been studying Time. I have started a blog page to share my personal views about Time. Here is the link to my blog. I humbly request you all to see it and post your critical comments. LINK REMOVED Thanks.
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