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  1. Hello! The post was not ment to be comertial, although it really touches the topic from that side, so please warn me if sth does not folow the rules of that forum. My idea is in that: if people can't place their (ecologic) products because of finantial reasons, why not just come together and help them buy using awards and prizes to solve that problem. At the one hand, award would help poorer people to get the products, which are usefull but not achiable for them because of the costs, on the other hand selling hte products will directly help inventors and producers. That was the point, I woudl be happy if someone supported the idea itself. Please warn meif I do anything false, thanks!!! p.s. Don't forget to like if you agree! Thanks!
  2. Dear All! Do you know any ecologic products and/or inventors who have finantial trouble by selling or producing them? Do you wnat to talk about all of them in this topic and give them a support? Thanks for each answer. email deleted
  3. Dear All! My idea is that the alternative Nobel Prize each year would be spent to buy as many school buses as possible for that amount of money. Of course it woudl be best that such a bus gets a school which can't afford , but anyway, each bus counts because of making kids aware of the problem. All the money goes just for buses, nothing else. Please, write your either name or nick, as you wish, the school you widh to get a bus (if you have one) and the email of a journal you want to be contacted with the idea. Each name counts, so if you like the idea lets stay together. We will talk about everything what happens in this topic. I faced with a fact, that many people just can't afford to do what the y want, because many eco pordicts are simple too expensive. So I wanted to talk about all the products, make them known, help to inventors and producers and also to people who can't aford it to get it. p.s. If you know some new technologies that need to be supported, apart from the inventor, for which is another procedure ( and what we might and should support too, of course!!!), please write!!! Thanks for each support email deleted
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