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    Many people know that any kind of trashes are useless. But I keep wondering are trashes really useless? I mean are their substance really can't reused or maybe recycled to make something new like energy or from chemistry perspective, can't we make useful substances from trashes'. I know some countries already imported trashes around the world and turned into something useful such as energy. What keeps me wondering is in the scale of home-industry, can't we use some of substances from some trashes (mixed trashes) and make something new? or maybe from certain trashes, like just papers or just tissues, or just organic, or just plastic trashes. I don't mean to recycle it physically and make something like shoes from plastic, etc because many people dislike it. But what I mean here is recycle trashes chemically. Especially plastic, that becomes many countries' problem nowadays, are all plastic's substances really bad? can't we make something of it?
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