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  1. The center of the earth is hotter than any of our planet has ever cured in has the ability to melt metal within seconds. If the people of this planet are that eager to want to try and reach it go right on ahead but just be sure that you take a enclosure that can withstand the heat. the people that may try this have a small mind set and may die from trying to attempt this.
  2. These are beautiful pictures of rocks you have, I am very interested in where you found these they may be worth some big bucks!
  3. The rock you are trying to explain is called Molybdenite. It is supposed to leave a blueish gray streak and is the color of gray. It also is greasy and has a soft surface.
  4. Why should our animals be dying because of our lack of responsibility of picking up trash or let alone putting our own trash away? I find this topic very interesting because we as humans are said to be loving but the question is why are we not loving to our ecosystems and environment around us?
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