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  1. John; Therefore the lines of force between two parallel conductors with opposite currents also spread out also uniformly???which a Hall effect probe would indubitably show??? OldChemE; did your book also show equidistant spaced parallel theoretic lines of force thru the mid-coil zone?
  2. Diagram shows the force from parallel vectors of current in the loop acting on the straight conductor which would if it were flexible bend it into a parabola in the plane of the loop. If the conductor had ten or an infinite number of loops either side the result would much the same. This is high school stuff. Clearly this trans axial force is not uniform, however because of the parallel non divergent lines the force, the axial aligned force on a test iron dot at any point in the coil is uniformly zero. This single aspect does not justify calling it the field uniform.
  3. The ubiquitous conventional graphic for a magnetic field through and around a cylindrical coil shows equidistant parallel lines through the central zone which it proclaims is a uniform magnetic field. We know that field strength fades proportionally to distance from a conductor therefore the graphic field lines should show this but they don’t. The field shown is partially uniform since the lines are parallel, but the force on a charge particle diagonally transversing a gap between two aligned opposite pole coils is initially zero, then rises in the middle, then falls back to zero as it approaches the other side. It is near hyperbolic. Science uses the same word ‘uniform’ to describe the magnetic field across a small gap between two aligned opposite pole magnets or cored solenoids. This one is true uniform as it exerts a uniform force on a charge particle transversing the gap which a cloud or bubble chamber show as helical. This seemingly trivial 'uniform’ error, which somehow escaped notice from academia for over a century, has been seriously detrimental to analysis of magnetism.
  4. Shorty Hooke started it all and christened microscopic images cells because they reminded him of monk's cells. Here some images from Biverse
  5. And your evidence that it is not...... is that you accept without question the Illusion or delusion that magnetism encircles its current as did predecessors who accepted that the Sun circled the Earth. If Oersted did not have a compass on his desk and he observed co-parallel conductors attracting, then he would have logically concluded that a magnetic wind flowed with the currents not encircling. The flow between them requiring less energy.... My evidence is that it is obvious and logical whereas the alternative is an irrational act of faith. The measurements don't alter but the reasoning does.
  6. When we see that Magnetism rationally flows parallel with its current, not irrationally encircling it, which is the illusion that Copernicus’s compass conjured, then logical reasons manifest for electromagnetic phenomena. Amidst the restructure we loose Maxwell’s ridiculous interpretation of a polarized electromagnetic wave and its butterfly graphic image, because all the wave is now one plane polarized. Moreover the reader will see how, since the electromagnetic transverse vectors are in sync then one can be redundant and that turns out to be the electric vector. After a few wavelengths the wave becomes purely magnetic.
  7. In bi-verse theory charges are inter-dimensional portals through which coulomb energy circulates. What goes in in the ‘here-verse’ goes out in the ‘there-verse’ with the same energy, angular momentum …Here the flipside of a particle is its anti particle…a positron then is an inside out electron. Moving charges cause radiation so an electron moving ‘here’ is also a positron moving ‘there’ they are joined at the hip. So to answer the question light travels concurrently both ‘here’ and in the antiverse
  8. A fluid map is made when water flows over a flat plaster surface previously impregnated with dye which changes color when wetted. A heavy sheet of glass rests on the plaster. When water is pumped through the central inlet it flows outwards through the sandwich. It flows along a wetted surface much easier than it does across a dry one, so as soon as these wetted avenues get started, the water bursts forth as clear expanding spokes of radial flow, separated by expanding spokes of dry no flow. Photos are taken thru the glass cover. Hard to ignore n’est ce pas.
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