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  1. 3D printing allows for more goods lowering the entry point and cost for humans, this in turn makes it easier to live with less effort, energy, and risk. This allows for humans to reduce previous skills needed to gain those same goods through resources other than 3D printers which, all in turn, allows for more humans. With a larger supply of goods, the demand for the skills needed to obtain those goods decreases increasing a population while decreasing that species natural ability to survive in its environment (considering that there is a natural carrying capacity for each species in each ecosystem). By independence, I mean our ability to survive without these goods in our own environment.
  2. If you are talking the environment and the transfer of resources, bitcoin has no impact on the environment. 3D printing will require resources to produce its product, but at the same time reduces humans ability to be independent in their natural environment which we can’t live without (a topic I rarely see addressed). I see this decision as more of a moral/philosophical question rather than an environmental one. -GI
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