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  1. My mistake I do not good know program yet, therefore such stupid things came out.I do not good know program yet, therefore such stupid thing gone. Anyway now I would like give correct question. I saw other option in program. Do you know such parameters of methane gas: 1. Adiabatic exponent γ (without unit), 2. Pressure schift (kPa), 3. Specific internal energy (J/kg) 4. Velocity explosive (mm/s) 5. Time of explosion (s) For 8,5% methane in air and temperature - 293 K I am trying looking for, but for me this is not readable. Regards
  2. Hi, I have a problem. I need doing simulation in AnSys about explosion methane (as gas), unfortunately program has not such material and I do not know explosion parameters of methane (8.5% in air). I am enclosing picture with parameter of TNT (AnSys has material TNT), and does someone know about what parameters should has methane gas and could you share with me? Best regards
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