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  1. Gio_5


    Ok swansont, really thank you very much.
  2. Gio_5


    Ok, yes n=PV/RT=1,5*10-3 mol
  3. Gio_5


    Obviously, with the ideal gas law PV=nRT
  4. Gio_5


    Ok, I have the volume of CO2, but how can I determine the volume of mixture CO+CH4+N2? This is the question. I don’t have nothing.
  5. Gio_5


    He tells me that I have 42 mL of final mixture and that's it; also I have the molecular mass.
  6. Gio_5


    Hello everyone, I would like a helping hand for this exercise: "A mixture of carbon monoxide, methane and nitrogen occupies a volume of 40 mL. Burning this mixture with an excess of oxygen, a volume of 42 mL is observed after cooling at room temperature and together the formation of 36 mL of dioxide of carbon. Determine the volume of each component of the mixture. " I think this is the reaction: CO + CH4 + N2 + O2 --> CO2 + N2 + H2O, balanced: 2CO + 2CH4 + 5O2 --> 4CO2 + 4H2O removing N2 because acts as a spectator molecule. Now, how do I proceed??
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