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  1. If it worked with the coil gun, why then can't it work to cool anything else, and what are the effects? Wouldn't the MuMetal protect any outside objects from the magnetic field?
  2. I recently read about a device called the "Coil Gun" witch has multiple copper coils that simultaneously turns off causing the atoms to slow down. I also know that temperature is the speed something vibrates. Would it be possible to use this as an every day cooling method? For instance, if I make an MuMetal case large enough to mount to a CPU cooling bracket and have multiple coils inside it with a chip controlling the timing of each coil to re-create the effects of the "Coil Gun", could this become, like, next level CPU cooling? Here's where I read about the "Coil Gun": https://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/01/19/how-to-make-slow-atoms-and-mol-1
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