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  1. he basically says that according to some experiments it was determined that ugly people perceive beauty in the same way as handsome/beautiful people. However, those who were physically ugly looked for mates who were simillarly ugly but had other desirable traits (e.g. kindness, sense of humour etc.).
  2. what do you mean by practicality? What sort of factors do you think one would need to be taken into account in the case of arranged marriages? Aren't beauty, intelligence and athletic ability, practical traits too if you value these three things (as most people do as they are all positive traits)? Arranged marriage simply means that your parents/community etc. are more involved in the selection process instead of looking for someone on your own through chance encounters, dating etc.
  3. Do you think it ought to be more rational and well planned though? I heard that beauty is not really subjective, neither is intelligence nor athletic ability. in regards to intelligence and athletic ability these are probably more quantifiable than beauty but we are able to still objectively determine someone's relative beauty compared to another's if you ask people sincerely and they are completely honest. in many cultures, you love the person you marry rather than marry the person you love.
  4. Hi, When selecting a potential mate, as a man, is it preferable to prioritize athletic ability, intelligence or beauty if you're potential future partner can only be exceptional in one of these (and average in the other two)? What do you think and what's your opinion from a scientific perspective? Edit: Also, I'm talking about exclusively monogamous and heterosexual relationships here. Thanks, Tanone_Hari
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