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  1. yes i think i have been putting too much weight. i have reduced the weght to 13 gram and i am fine it is a big difference to 37 g , and no neck pain or back pain ..... any suggestion how to find the weight of each eye muscle so we can come up with the accurate total.
  2. Hello everybody, i have gone through an Exenteration surgery many years ago. So the surgeon has removed all the content of my eye socket: eye ball, eye muscles, eyelids… it resulted in my having neck pain …i found out throughout the years that i need to put weght in the socket to fix the problem so here is my question: does any body have access to human cadaver and can remove all the content of an adult male eye socket and tell us what is the weight? i am currently using bout 37 grams but i would be greatly thankful if someone can confirm the approximate weight of all the contents of the human eye socket i would be in great debt to whoever can solve this problem for me.
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