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  1. Human innovation leads to human evolution.Human beings do not have the innovation of modern agriculture. How many people can survive? Human beings have no agriculture, how many people can survive? How many people can survive without human tools? How do you keep yourself safe?
  2. The ingenuity of human beings can only be reflected in the invention and use of tools. Without the tools, human beings cannot survive, even now.
  3. I understand what you mean. You think that bluffing is an effective way to survive. It is also a way to push prey into desperation. There are many animals that know how to bluff, such as chimpanzees, chickens, bulls, etc. Whether it is the same kind or different types, they understand better what is the real strength. Human beings do not rely on weapons, not tools, even the current high intelligence can not survive in the wild. You try 10 people, no,20 people, to scare off a lion. No weapons. You can call on some people to experiment. Don't use weapons to the nature reserve to experience the survival of intelligence. The administrators of the reserve will not let you in, because he is worried about your life, not wild animals. One of the theories I have said:Food and safety are the two basic elements of animal survival. you can't guarantee these two points, you have no chance to survive.
  4. You can get a sense of how fast buffalo can run, and how fast humans can run, even if we assume that the grasslands have a lot of cliffs.
  5. The nature of animals is to try to avoid potential threats, especially those they have not seen. If they find a possible threat, they will choose to stay away, but it will not lead them to commit suicide. If there is no retreat, they will rush to you.
  6. Can wild animals be the same? Try driving bison without a weapon?
  7. They can drive animals away. They don't use weapons. Why are these animals afraid of them?
  8. No. There's no proof.You can talk about how the ancient apes showed "intelligence". Of course, you should know. You can imagine anything. As long as it is reasonable.
  9. Are you sure that you are serious, not a joke?
  10. Buffaloes are in groups. Why do lions still dare to attack cattle? Can the anti-attack ability of an upright ancient ape with no weapons be comparable to that of buffalo? You know, carnivores are hunting experts. Very simple, self-confidence comes from powerful. Ancient The power of the apes is inseparable from the weapons. If the ancient apes stand up to look farther, there is absolutely no need to walk upright, they stand up when they need to look farther.
  11. Lions and wolves are grassland animals. Yes, ancient apes are social animals, they know each other's exchanges and cooperation. Walking upright is a confident expression, dare to stand upright and not afraid of being discovered by possible predators. What makes them have such confidence?
  12. Standing tall can see lions or wolves? When these animals are hunting, try not to let the prey see them, such as lowering the body. If you stand tall, you will be discovered by it.
  13. The premise is to survive. It is empty to talk about standing upright without surviving. Science must conform to logic.All conclusions without logical basis are hypotheses.
  14. 1.I have not made any specific assumptions. Is it a hypothesis that ancient apes would use branches? When they hold branches in their hands to do anything, the branches are tools. When they use branches to hit others, they must Knowing that this will cause harm. This kind of experience can be understood only need one time. 2.Human beings are a kind of creature, a primate. Human beings can continue to innovate and use innovative knowledge to improve their viability. 3.If humans don't use tools, there is no advantage in walking upright. Can someone go to a place with a lion or wolf without a weapon?
  15. I know the idea of energy saving. First of all, we must consider the survival of ancient apes, how do they guarantee safety? How to get food? Where to get food? This is a fundamental problem that must be considered. Under the premise of not guaranteeing survival, Energy-saving erect walking does not make any sense. So you must first demonstrate how ancient apes can guarantee survival.
  16. Please directly point out my hypothesis. And do you think the direct cause of human walking upright.
  17. It is only a description of the characteristics of the environment, as long as it can explain the problem. Some do not need special attention, such as the food distribution space of the jungle and the distribution characteristics of the grassland food, I only care about whether the environment can provide food. If you consider the characteristics of food distribution, then the grassland food can be seen as a similar plane distribution, the food density is lower than the jungle. This means that ancient apes need to take a lot of roads to get enough food. Of course, this helps the upright walking training. .
  18. The problem is too simple. What they can eat depends on what kind of food their digestive system can digest (digestive capacity of the digestive system). For example, chimpanzees can eat bark, leaves, and twigs, indicating that they can digest Crude Fiber foods, there are many such foods in the grasslands. As for which ones to eat, it depends on their own preferences. Of course, foods that are easier to digest than crude fiber foods can certainly be eaten. This change can only be reflected in the species of plants they eat, which may be different from the jungle. For example, we all have the ability to speak, but we speak different languages. Although communication is a bit difficult, we are communicating. What they eat is not important, what matters is their ability to digest.
  19. This new environment could not be barren places such as deserts and barren mountains, where there was not enough food for the ancient apes to survive; it was also impossible to be rivers and lakes and swamps. These environments were very dangerous to the ancient apes, and the ancient apes lacked the ability to obtain food in such an environment. So this new environment could only be grasslands, where there are foods such as grassland plants, insects, small animals, etc.(Grassland plants have fruits, flowers, tender stems, etc.) Ancient apes eat either fruit or leaves in the jungle, which can refer to the food characteristics of chimpanzees. They have been living in the jungle and can not change a lot.
  20. Anyone will stick to their own point of view, which is the inertia of consciousness. This can be understood by everyone. My point of view is very clear, that is, four theoretical basis, why human beings walk upright is a logical inference based on these four theoretical basis. Of course, there are also accepted facts, such as the ancient apes living in the jungle, the Stone Age ape-man can walk upright, can use tools. If I am wrong, then it must be a mistake in the theoretical basis. Please point out, this is easy to discuss. If the discussion is extended to how the ancient apes started hunting, how to retreat from the body hair, and even the mystery of the disappearance of the northern ape-man, I am also happy to share my views with you. But please let me know what you want me to answer.
  21. I hope you can give a simple, clear and direct point of view, which can be easily understood by a person who is not familiar with English. Otherwise, the possible misunderstanding errors lead to my wrong answer. It is unscientific to answer the question with the ingredients of the guess. I think I am like this. language problem.
  22. The link cannot be opened here (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET)
  23. Yes, I can only try to understand what you said. I am not even familiar with the function of this scientific forum. The content I express may be inaccurate and I hope to understand it.
  24. From the study of human fossils and stone tools from the Stone Age, we know that ape-man walked upright and could use and make tools. So the stone tools that need to be processed are the most primitive tools? Obviously not (it is not the most basic innovation), the tools that do not need processing are the most primitive; the ancient apes must go out of the jungle to evolve into human beings. The only place to go is the grasslands. On the grasslands, food is not the problem, the only problem is safety. How to solve this problem? The only choice is to pick up the weapon. And this weapon can only be a branch (wooden stick). Picking up weapons to improve survivability and solving security problems is an innovation. It is the first innovation and the most basic innovation that led to the evolution of the ancient apes into human beings. Innovation must have an innovative subject, that is, an individual with innovative ability. For the evolution of human beings, the above four theoretical foundations are indispensable. If these theories are wrong, human evolution will always be a mystery. We can only guess where we are from.
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