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  1. Should it because I think chemical synthesis forums be more practical than books, some issues mentioned in forums may not contain in the books.
  2. you should ask them about it if it is really important, maybe they thought it was nothing, but I also disagree their ignorance of the label and package without any reasons. I want to know more about chemical synthesis, and collecting as many as sources is what I usually do when I began to start a learning project. haha
  3. and do you know any other forums containing chemical synthesis, I cannot find more, I want to know more about this , I am just a beginner. Thanks! okay, thanks. ::) have you asked them why they used different label? was that because the powder looks like hard drugs?
  4. Thanks. I made a mistake, not 5kg, but 500g. Thanks for your advice. And SciFinder is of great help. Have you ever outsourced your project to a Chinese company since you said it may take a risk?
  5. Yeah, you are right, I should list the info you mentioned, and choose the most suitable company to work on my project. I need the chemical (CAS NO: 871836-51-0) for 5 kg, and need the price lower than sigma aldrich. Attached is the chemical structure.
  6. Can someone recommend a trustworthy company that provides synthesis service of small scale. I have asked several companies, but they only do larger scale synthesis. Any comment or recommendation will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I know HPLC columns, SPE cartridge, and flash columns. If I want to detect pesticide residue in bananas, I should chose SPE., right? Do you know QuEChERS.. does it work fot the detect process? Put some salt into water and wash the fruits, we ususlly do in this way in China. I feel the same way,, but in China, pesticides are still popular. Farmers are less here, they all go to the city for living. It is a trend. and may continue for several years..People use pesticides as a quick fix, but it is against the nature. yeah. right, sometimes we use salt, but I cannot taste the difference, hahah.... A placedo., sometimes you feel the food is safe and it really becomes safe to your body. But such a process can remove some iinsolvables.
  8. Thanks, really helpful, thanks for the quick reply,
  9. Hi, everyone, new to this forum. First I should indicate that I am no scientist nor do some work related to science. I just have great interest in science. And recently, I have a question, how to detect how much pesticide residue is remained in our food,, like banana, and how can we remove the residue? Thanks!
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