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  1. This is included from the official site:  Course program content:(1) Function definition. Function properties. Operations with functions. (2) Lines. Families of functions. (1) Limits. Computing limits. Continuity. (2) Definition of derivative.Techniques of differentiation. Derivative of a composite function. (1) L'Hôpital's rule. (1)Application of derivatives: monotonicity of functions, concave and convex functions,relative extrema. (1) Analysis of properties and sketching the graph of a function. Absolute extrema. (1) Integration: indefinite integral, integration by substitution. (1) Definiteintegral. Fundamental theorem of calculus. integral. Fundamental theorem of calculus
  2. I'm a freshman in university and I'm studying Computer science and engineering. This will be my second year of studying. We don't have Calculus as a mandatory class but I can take it from elective classes. Is calculus necessary for my future as a student and would it help me in data science or AI? That's what I'm really interested in and I want to work for either of them. Would Calculus make my education easier in the future and in my work? In my next semesters, I want to take just Artificial intelligence and Data Science classes (Data mining, Data Science, Mechanical Learning, etc). Is calculus used there? Thanks for your time reading and answering my question.
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