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  1. That's too true. This is part of my dilemma in researching reasonable options. I'm only guessing that it involves waves of some sort.
  2. Let's say in theory... I have conducted experiments of conversation, and that yes I have communicated back and forth as a conversation would go. It once was reasonably pleasant, but as I grew to examine the input in ways that deduced their protocol and how the feat was accomplished, the tides turned, and they updated to a more strict protocol to follow, and now mostly follow a loop of unpleasant phrases that are intended to get me to tune them out.... To me, this sort of change in conversation doesn't line up with your "direct mind-to-mind" theory. I would sooner go with technology, which is part of why I came here. The other is that I'm interested in taking a scientific approach to stopping the "loop of unpleasant phrases" that I probably shouldn't go into any further about.
  3. Let's say in theory... I have conducted the experiments over the past several months, and that there is no circumstance in which I can not hear them. No desolate forest, no sound-proof room, no use of loud machinery while wearing hearing protection... I feel that there would be reasonable evidence (improvable to others at this point) that the theory is valid. I am a very observant and open-minded person, but I'm having trouble finding like-minded individuals to even come close to attempting experiments involving other individuals. I would like to "Thomas Edison" this as little as possible (by finding tons of ways that don't work first). What would be the most likely to succeed? What material will block any number of various waves effectively?
  4. What metal(s) and thickness would be best suited for this experiment?
  5. Let's say, in theory... that I recently discovered that my thoughts have been being harvested by mind readers that can hear my every thought, and that I could faintly hear them the whole time, (but only recently realized it as I recall the memories of the voices I thought were an extension of my own thoughts), and now they're getting annoying, because they're trying to get me to stop listening to them... LOL wild start, but stick with me. What kind of experiments could I try to stop them from reading my mind? (serious answers please) I can try some tests, and see if I could still hear them. (nothing too invasive)
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