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  1. Hello All, I apologize for causing any upset whatsoever. This was in fact recommended to me by my Dr. who I have now seen and have my questions answered ( turns out I will be working with more mgs than I originally thought). Again, my apologies for upsetting anyone. I would actually like to remove this post. Is it possible for me to do this on my end? If not can the staff do so instead of moving it to chemistry? Thank You
  2. Hello, I’m new to the forum and I’m hoping to find an answer to this. After searching extensively online for a scale that will measure fractions of a milligram I am only finding scales that will weigh 1 milligram. I need to take a 2mg capsule and measure out either 1.5mg or a little more of the powder inside (1.75mg?). I need something super sensitive. I found ONE scale that will weigh micrograms but it is far outside of my budget (almost $1000). If anyone knows of a good sensitive scale for measuring powder that can measure parts of a mg I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank You!
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