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  1. Well how much acceleration is needed to affect the body of a dog?
  2. When you stop to quote other people negatively , they will tell you what they mean.
  3. You are just taking fragments of my comments and put them seperately to enforce your position . No comments.
  4. Hello I am building a spacecraft at my garage . For engine I have compressed air inside a closed box and by pressing a button I create a small gap where the air could come out . My box is made of a material tough enough to resist the pressure of the air inside . Also it is not very ductile meaning it cannot be easily plastically deformed resulting in reduce of the pressure . Now I want to make the body of my spacecraft.Any ideas? Also we need to put engines at the sides for the rotation / shift of the rocket . P.S I want to go to and die at the Moon so I can have the incredible view of Earth for the rest of my life. Comments from Strange and swansont not welcome and will be ignored.
  5. I never said it is right , you have propably misunderstood (as always)
  6. Dont play with words and dont try to avoid the fact you are unaware of classical mechanics You are a better lawyer than a physicist. And since you obviously dont know classical mechanics you dont understand quantum mechanics and relativity so well.
  7. Since you know them why ask for both volume and pressure? I bet you dont know how the engine works. First we study classical mechanics and then your theoretical bollocks.
  8. You dont know the laws of gases and you are based on pure calculations? Go back to your theoretical physics and leave this to engineers.
  9. Yes i have read your pdf . First of all you say two photons escaping a black hole which is impossible . And second you talk about something not verified by any experiment . Sorry this is just speculations.
  10. If it disobeys mathematical laws and doesnt disobey physics laws it still is correct
  11. We dont know what the wave function physically represents . But we dont actually need to use QM to application . Just the Ψ^2 expresses the propability of finding a subatomic particle at a certain position.
  12. It doesn't need . If it doesn't disobey any law and is a result of law/combination of laws it is correct.
  13. Pressure and volume are connected in gases with constant temperature so your question doesnt even make sense. And I asked ideas for the body , not for the engine.... Answer only what you are asked.
  14. I used different IP address . Rocket science is not hard.
  15. I am on a different location I ignore this because you are acting like a kid which his candy was stolen. Maybe you are jealous of me .....
  16. So this website has a supercookie? Why haven't I been told ? I havent used the same IP to connect .
  17. I am not connected to the same network when I used AUDI R6 account.
  18. Well someone from this site tracked my DNS Hostname . The one who did it knows it . We must be informed for this before signing up , dont you think? Why doesn't the website respect the personal information of our device ?
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