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  1. thnk u, when we say, 'it was originally suggested that over 98% of the human genome does not encode protein sequences, including most sequences within introns and most intergenic DNA, while 20% of a typical prokaryote genome is noncoding." DO we mean only 98% of 20,000 Genes we found? or 98% of ALL the DNA (all neucleotides)
  2. thank u but u dint talk about Junk DNA, I want to knw the difference between Junk DNA and Non-Coding Dna and what is functional non-coding RNA molecules , it sounds contradicting, how come a non-coding portion(rna) is functional ?As far as I knw, all non-coding portion of a DNA (exons) are removed in RNA Splicing (during Transcription).
  3. 1- When we call Human Genome, do we mean only the portion of DNA that codes for Protein (which estimates 20,000 to 26000), or we mean all the DNA (coding & non coding) 2- Do All Genes code for protein? (if Not, why call it a gene?) 3- What is gene actually? anything that codes for protein or liable for a human Trait, or gene has other functions?
  4. Hello , I m confused by the plethora of information about Humane Genes online, Some say there is a difference between Non-Coding DNA and Junk DNA, some say there is NOT. I read it in rationalwiki Non-coding DNA" refers to portions of the genome that don't code for proteins, the Rest are Junk. As it says - what about Pseudogenes and JUNK RNA, are they Non-Coding or Junk ? Someone pls clarify these thing in layman term.
  5. correct me if I m wrong, The length of the space ship is not contracted in reality but the space around it contracts to match the time. am I right?
  6. @Janus I know it may bother u a lot being a science guy, but see how people get Science out of scripture : “The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him(to the creator) during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years what you count.” Here what is indicated by book is that When the Angels are in to their velocity & experience 1 day that will be equivalent to 50,000 years to Human as frame of reference according to Special Theory Of Relativity. Let's test the math with Time Dialation Law of Albert Einstein. dT.= time experienced by angel ( 1day) dT = time measured by Human ( 50000 lunar years x 12 lunar months/lunar year x 27.321661 days/ lunar months) ( I put dell as ‘d' cause I can't write triangular sign ) v = velocity of angel ( which we’re going to calculate) c = normal light speed ( 299792.458 km/s) Here we calculate.... So, we’ve found Angels velocity is 299792.4579999994km/s.. which is comparable to light speed 299792.458km/s Einstein Explained, in space nothing can reach the velocity of Light ( except light itself) but The Angels can reach it comfortably.. So, the Angels has to be made of Light.. correct me if I m wrong, The length of the space ship is not contracted in reality but the space around it contracts to match the time. am I right?
  7. yup, its 99.9% speed of light. I dont know the LENGTH of the space traveler in my case, I also dont know how the Length Contraction affect the result of the above formula, can u explain a bit? All I need to know the relative time we , on earth, will observe for the traveler who traveled TWO DAYS (round trip) in space. One more thing can u figure out the distance of the remote planet the traveler went in one day (single trip)?
  8. nope its not like that, Distance of the planet/star doesnt matter here. Rest Time is 2 Days, and we need to find out the relative time on earth.Considering the traveler travels at 99.9% of light speed. Actually its for me to understand the concept clearly. I myself tried the calculator u gave me, Wud u pls check the screenshot, if my inputs are correct. I get 22.3666 days (536.8 hr) on earth for 1 DAY in Space with 99.9% of light speed. LINK - SCREENSHOT
  9. yup I knw, I dont buy it, I just want to know if LIGHT itself takes 2 days to reach earth, how much time we will pass on earth, thats it.
  10. THANKU U VERY MUCH FOR THE KIND REPLY. Actually, I want to know if a space traveler can travel at light speed (100% , not 99.9%) and when he reached earth it is 2 days in total, how much time we, human ,will spend on earth? One of my Weird Scriptures says that the ANGELS reach GOD in ONE DAY , so Angel comes back to earth the next day, so it takes two days for the Angel to reach earth (one day to reach god, other day to come back earth). I want to find out how much time, we will spend on earth. ( my scripture says its 50,000 years for us, and 1 day for angel, which is incompatible ).I knw this may bother u, but I need to debunk it, people r claiming miracle in it ... Thank u very much bro, what does L1 & L2 stand for here ? (Do I need to know the length of the Traveler as well?)
  11. I m a noob, I wanted to figure out the time dilation for an observer on earth who passed 50,000 years, and the Traveler at light speed(99.9%) passed ONE DAY. I mean we pass 50,000 years on earth and the Traveler spends One day.Problem is I tried many online calculator, but each one is giving me different result with the same inputs.I m confused.I want to know the result. I also want to consider the LENGTH CONTRACTION/DISTANCE DILATION while calculating this.I m not very good at maths. Can somebody figure this out for me. Please make sure ur calculation is right, bcoz each online Time Dilation calculator gives different answer,which is frustrating!!. Considering the aforementioned scenario, I want to find out: 1-Time observed by the person on earth 2-Distance Diluted by the traveler
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