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  1. Well it produces heat, although I have no idea whether the amount of it is enough to be a concern.
  2. Hi. I am facing a decision on which I could do with some advice. I am currently working in two jobs. One is a company that manufactures and sells 3D printers (the type that prints from plastic filaments). The other company makes money by running a bitcoin mining pool. I'm looking to only keep one of those jobs, as it would be somewhat more practical for me. I'm wondering which one of those two jobs is less unacceptable from ecological standpoint. Intuitively I'm leaning towards 3D printing being less bad, since bitcoin (esp. bitcoin mining) consumes ridiculous amounts of power, but it's kind of hard to say and there are multiple factors in play. There's of course the third option of ditching both jobs and finding a more eco-friendly one. This might be an option but it's a longer-term goal and I need to make this decision rather soon. If bitcoin and 3D printing are comparably bad, then I suppose I can just pick whichever is more convenient in other respects and keep looking for a 3rd job as I go. Thanks for any and all insights into this.
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