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  1. probably because the higher-ups don't want us to know about it,the FBI keep a lot of Secrets so maybe this is one of them and maybe the other countries do the same thing,I mean think about it,if magic was possible do you think anyone who found it first would want people would want people to know about it or would they want to go to the top and hide it for that they can stay at the top,I would say staying at the top would be more likely as well as them hiding it then anything else. and it has been tested many times and there was results to some of those tests just the government wants to keep those tests as hidden as possible so that they can stay in the top.
  2. when I'm talking about magic I'm not talking about a street magician or anything like that,I'm talking about real magic.which is more scientific from where I found then you might think. first off,you are psychics who can do amazing things and knows things have been proven but how do they do that? I have a clue how. psy energy or Magi.,in some religions,they say that everything is made of energy,but what if that was true? well that would explain why psychics can do what they do,take the energy out of the environment and then turn it into psychic energy(or I like to call it magic) and if everything is made of energy than energy would be the smallest thing that everything else is made of.so you could probably use that to do whatever you wanted,if you had enough of it and you could hold all of it that you needed. I also believe that everyone can use psy energy,but why can some people do telekinesis while most can't? I think that some people can hold more magic than others and the more magic you can hold the more magic you can do and I believe you can practice it like a muscle to be able to hold more and do more Magic. I honestly think there is 3 things to Magic. 1:the believe you can do it or wanting to do it. think about this,if you do believe you have a hand,then could you pick something up with it?or if you didn't want to pick something up,would you? of course you wouldn't and magic is the same exact thing,that's why you have to believe it to do it and want it to do it. 2: the knowledge of how to do it. obviously. and 3: the energy and psychic energy required because you have to obey the laws of physics. I would like to know what you all think of this theory so type below! <3
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