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  1. No I did not use an intrument but visually seen the wave hit the clouds above that traveled in striaght lines as fast as the jet.


    Years later the Gov. banned the sonic booms over the valley of california because of complaints.


    They do sonic flights over mountains and nevada.


    Darn how I miss those days.:eyebrow:

  2. A supersonic shock wave starts at the nose cone of a craft breaking the sound barrier.

    That shock wave is not limited to the surounding craft but travels in a cone shape outward.

    These shock waves travel outward untill it hits the ground is where we get the ( Sonic Boom ) that can shatter windows.


    But a coned shockwave also travels skyward unill it hits the clouds which you then can see the waves travel in a striaght lines as fast as the jet.

    A shockwave wave can travel for miles untill it hits a target as earth or cloud cover.


    I'v seen that happen and am a withness to visibly see a shockwave.:eek:

  3. So we have in our north is called the Big Dipper that the edge points to a star called Polaris for navigation.


    But in our low southern sky there is a replica of a dipper that looks like the big dipper.

    you have to look south twards anarctica.


    This dipper is smaller that the big dipper with a handle also.

    And NO its not the southern cross.


    I call this small Dipper the ( Lesser Dipper ) and also can be used for navigation on the high seas.

  4. Wow !!! that pic model looks like the air currant when doing a spin balance on my car tires for a true balance when on the road.


    Can i use my car tire spin balancer as finding the direction of air currant as a science project ?.


    When you spin balance the old way just put your hand next to your tire and feel the direction of air that the friction on tire causes.:eek:

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    If global warming and Glasiers gone with raising ocean water. Most ocean water for millions of years have evaporated into space.


    Scientists say when ocean water raises that San Joaquine valley will be under water and our farms will be no more.


    A mile thick of the Glasier that covered the USA is gone but where ? Maybe like mars evaporated back to its universe as h20.


    No, a global flood from global warming will never happen again.

  5. What are you guys worried about ?.


    Before Noahs Arc was built the oceans became pretty hot that melted huge Glasiers of the Arctic and Antarctic. Well you know that fable that mite have really happened.


    Earths polar caps melted because they also had no freash water or plants to eat.

    In those days Glasiers were a lot bigger that the last ice age that gave the oceans level to cover our earth.

    A hot ocean gave a very thick cloud cover that blocked off our suns warmth and threw the earth into a deep freeze and after the oceans lowered and Alaska's land bridge became dry that people from the middle east and russia of chinese origin was able to cross to populate the America's north and south america where we got the mian indians and the indians that settled in arizonas cliff dwelling indians untill we ( POPED ) them off for target practice.


    I am one of those that believe the Noah Arc theory a world wide flood.


    The last Ice age was a small one compared to the one after the Dinosaur extincion because of the asteroid that threw the earth into a deepfreeze.


    After Noah was a lot less smaller that covered our earth.


    Do you guys want our earth to get back to normal ??? ( We then need a HOT OCEAN ) to cause heavy cloud cover worldwide to block off our sun for a year.


    But don't believe me for I have always thought up senarios that can happen and no scientific models because we weren' there in there time or rocks to prove it.

    There was an worldwide flood and fossils high in our mountains prove that our world was a water world because of ( Global Warming ) before noahs day.


    So lets heat up our world and polute it with more hidrocaon and wars and our oceans will ( RECYCLE our Earth0 back to a deep freeze and a cooler earth.


    Our earth has a way to recycle itself by ( Mother Nature ).


    Also for our ocean to cover vast amount of land we live on for then we have plenty of ( Cruise Ships Worldwide ) to float for 40:eek: days untill land will apear again.

  6. Maybe what we need is a hot ocean but fish will die or migrate to Actic and Antactic colder water.

    A hot ocean will make glasiers melt and oceans to rise , but a hot ocean like in Noahs day with worldwide cloud cover blocked off our suns light and threw our world into a deep freeze that made our north and south poles with a mile thick glasier on USA that made our grand canyon.


    After a thick worldwide cloud cover we'll see storms we never saw in mans history.

    After blocking off our sun and earth goes back into a deep freeze the oceans will lower and the USA and Russia land bridge will be dry land.


    Our earth has a way of recycleing its self.

  7. You got it.

    I would add that our life is futal and our death is as if we never existed.


    Who knows what goes on in the electricity that runs our bodies to create conciousness.

    We live our life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of our existance.


    The end comes to everyone to our rest from our labor in life.


    We keep looking in our mirroe every day and think ( Gosh ) i;m still a young man in my memory but the mirror shows an (Old Man Looking back ) a us and we wonder ( Who's that old man i;m looking at ?. Why thats me but my mind says different.

    So one day I'm rushed to the emergency room and get hooked up to monitors and oxygen mask.

    So then I gaise at the clock on the wall and realise I have only 15 minutes left to my worthless stinkin life before I take my ( LAST GHASP ) of air and then drift off into unconciousness.

    There are two ways to let go of life, One is to die in pain and the other is to drift off in peace.

    If we have an electricle currant and conciousness and a spark in us all that goes back to the cosmos thats good. Maybe we are burried like an animal as if we never existed.

    We will all know about our conciousness and life 15 minuted before we take that last gasp of air.

    The Pharoho's believed of life after leaveing our bodies and maybe they were right all along and maybe not.

    For to believe in something about death and a hear after ( Don't cost you a dime and you drift off in peace.

    NO one knows but the end of life will show us whats real.:D

  8. Then the parolee board should pay for the preditor crime they sent him out to do.


    No release on ( good Behavior ) is no excuse the let him out. Laws are made to separate offenders from society and should not mingle with the public.


    I guess you mite even let ( Charles Manson ) out on the streets ? I hope not. We have too many cry babies out there with bleeding hearts.


    The judges conviction and disscretion of the crime should always be valid for life . Also you commit a crime found guilty but tommarro I slap your hand so go steal and rape again don't go with me.

    I would sell my home just not to be a neithbor on the same block with a preditor.

  9. Horrible murder of an inoccent teen girl that was sent for an erand for her mom and later was murdered by a parolee out free from prison.


    The sex offender was behind bars was released by his Lawyer and then did it again. What the Hell was he doing out on the streets as a preditor looking for sex ? You tell me guy. That $#@$& Lawyer sould be put into prison in the same jail with his client.


    I'm sorry but for that lawyer is still equals a big &^#%&* to hell for life with that preditor for his crime.

  10. An astronomer had a program on a science channel.


    His claim on a rotating Galaxie always ( Turn Counter Clockwise ) Boy is he:eyebrow: dumb for a scientist and probably wrote a gazillion books.


    My observation and common sense that I know as no nothing heaven idea is that depends from what flat side you are looking at a flat galaxie.


    From one side it turns counter clockwise, but from the other side it turns ( Clockwise ) Man-O-Man where do these Dolts get thier ideas to brain wash the public ?.:doh:

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    No never, we are locked in that river of the arm. Just drifting along on gravity. No we will never bump or pass throught any arm. We are DOOMED:eyebrow:

  11. We need to have Congress vote for a permanent Law now!!!.


    That when a felon is committed in the act of committing a murder of a human being or takeing an inoccent life, also an sexual assault on the inoccent is :


    When a lawyer gets his client on a life sentence to a short parol out of prison and out to freedom when originally was put in prison by the Judge and Jurry that we pay for and the law is suposed to be permanent is my solution.


    Have the clients ( LAWYER ) become responsible for his clients actions when out to freedom.

    Have his or her lawyer quarranty the safety of the innoccent public 24 hr-24/7 days a week.

    Yes a sexual preditor and murderers Lawyer be put in prison when a new crim has been committed by his client.:cool:

  12. When I was younger I new how to get mad untill my veins bulged and wife took off into another room.


    As now i'm at 67 years old I relized to wonder ( I've lost it ) my ability to get mad of depression and anger.

    What happened to me ?. I love to joke around and laugh more.


    Did I reach old age ?. I still have a full set of hair and perfect teeth and go to Balleys gym regularly have sex with my wife at lest twice a week and still tel her that she looks very pretty in the morning and she tells me she knows what I want. I told her that L'm not dead yet.


    I love to travel the world with her and I been retired for 6 years from farmingAlmonds.


    Is my body feeling my youth and love for life and helpfull to people when they are hurting and hungry ?.:doh:

  13. Hell !!! It was on a science chanel. Those dreamers know better than me with those ideas of two branes touching each other.

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    Those scientists that put on a show about how they think the Big Bang came into existance.

    With thier theories of the cosmos looks like liars in thier dreams of the truth.:doh:

  14. I was watching the tube on science. The program showed ( Two Opposite Branes ). Why is there two and not just one ?.


    The two curtains of Brane therory i saw looked as two opposites rubbing against each other like a Plus and Minus on a battery currant flow.


    Can that anomoly be like a Male and Female ? to create the singularity ?.

  15. AH !!! there are others that argue and call that anomoly ( The Big Crunch ) and made big news.:doh: They make sence to me.


    Then for I see thier model as an empty piston cylinder in my cars engine and the space in my motor cylinder is all the universe I call a universe and the piston the driveing force with gravity momenum causes the Big Bang after all gas and eliment matter is drawn to top dead center causeing heat into a tiny space before the big bang.


    After ignition of big bang from preasure and atomic heat then you have exhaust stroke.


    We are the result in creation matter from pollution of carbon matter that forms stars.


    I'm just useing my engine as an example of our universe.


    Astro physicists claim that our universe will head back into a big crunch after all matter in our universe is used up in its death throws. Just like a star that falls back into its self to be reborn into a new star from its own matter. Happens all the time.

    Tell me, how is a new star system born and where those it get its fue:eyebrow:l ???.

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    Sooooo !!! Now I believe thier theory. Man !!! what can I do about that so you try to influence me. And maybe you can earn my trust.

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    Also the cubic inches in my cylinder is only one cylinder , but my car has Eight pistons in serarate zones.:eek:

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    There by nature an end to everything and that includes our 13 billion year old universe comes to its end but not to worry our universe will recycle its self in a trillion years and become a new universe without the human specie.


    According to the Big Crunch believers.>:D

  16. Yes I can say that your correct on that. I believe that all matter collapses Astro biologists call The Big crunch or used up gravity takeing all matter and then recycles that same matter with a new law of physics.


    Still i believe that our 13 Billion year old universe is not alone.

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    Or beyone our 13 Billion year old universe is another demention we never thought about ?.

    So I ask you is our universe of 13 billion years old and way beyond past ours in a new different time demention zone is another larger scale that what we see in 13 billion as only one universe ?.

    I think there is more like saying ( Are we Alone ?.) in our local universe.

  17. What I am trying to say and looking in a diffent perspective is that our 13 Billion year old Big Bang can be just a point of old Light in a river just flowing with other countless 13 billion year old singularities.

    I think that there is no end out there we'll never see.


    I as you, can our 13 Billion year old universe system with everything in it be just ( ONE ? ). We may be thinking small in a locale universe.

    I think there is more than we can count and maybe how many more 13 Billion year old expantion are out there not counting our big bang.

  18. There is a big difference between a universe and a gallaxi.

    What i ment was that our universe with billions of gallaxies is but one speck of light in the arms of a rotating gallaxi or all seen star stuff is but a point of light in a very large river with billions of universes filled with billions of galaxies.

    I'm just visualizing our whole universe with everything in it can be just a point of light.

    There can be countless universes counting our universe as just ( One Universe ).

  19. I would hate to see our universe collide with another universe. Astronomers say that there are many universes out there and never touch that we can not see and they call that ( Multiverses or Multiple Universes ) like bubbles in a bath tub.


    Will our universe blend in with another universe ?. Well before that happens our universe will run out of the big bang expantion and fall back into its self like any other Star into a black hole and crushing us with it into a universe ( Recycled ). And into a singularity once more.

    I think that Big Bangs always happen every thrillion years. Thats called ( Recycleing of the original matter.

    I also think that our universe is one dot of light in a galaxie example like our solar system in our milky way, just one speck of light flowing in a river.

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