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  1. Since we are the product of evolution ( Man from Apes ) and apes from ocean dwelling animals that crawled onto land to become what we are, Them why did evolution stop ?.

    We lived for thousands of years to record history of mankind and animal specie.

    Why did our ocean stopped producing new kinds of animals to this day ?.


    Is evolution just an imaginary joke played out by Darwin ?.

    I sure would like to see our oceans produce more Dinosaur animals. Also Apes evolve into man.

    Was Charles Darwin in his right mind or hir delusion a mith ?.:confused:

  2. What do you think about Ghost hunters International.


    I think its all made up on fear of imagination.


    Has anyone seen such apparition ?.

    If there was ghosts then there is life after death ?. I think its bunk of a time wasting movie.

    I was in Isreal and egypt for 23 days and a friend asked if i felt anything spiritual like maybe some ghost that bumped around the Pyramids and in Holy places.

    My answer was that history from the past was dead and dry.

    Also i mentioned that he was watching too many ghost movies.


    SOOO !! Have you ever seen a ghost if yes ?? We are then in big trouble when we pass on .:eek:

  3. Airbrush :


    I think that the Big Bang, Evolution, Creation was the God particle the scientists are pointing too or the anomoly particle in protecting its creation from an ever changing environment.


    I seen astronomy theory on TV about the ( BRANES and STRING theory ) as male and female.:doh:

  4. I would be killed if a Rogue Moon sized asteroid headed to our earth and no nukes to stop it.

    Imagin if penetrated our atmosfer and plunge into our earths mantel of an egg shell. The push of force on our other side to disrupt all earths Techtonic Plates.

    Imagin our earths oceans to vaporize as steam and land masses ?. We will face a new earth Thanks to ( Neutons Forcast ) on gravity. But gravity will put our earth back together after we are gone into the rock like the Dinosaur for display to Alien specie in the future.

    An the ocean water ?. it will cool our magma to become a new earth that we can walk on without a boat.


    I think its written somewere about our future earth.:doh:


    Just imagin !!! No usa, europe, north and south america, africa and etc:


    Yes we can have a new earth without us.

  5. No global warming I'm just going by past Climate evolutionary times. After the dinosaur extintion.

    Global warming has always created a Global freeze with Glasiers a mile thick of ice on USA that created our grand canyon.

    With the ice age caused lowering of oceans and human migration across the berring land bridge.

    Man has taken steps to prevent a Nuclear Winter proposed by global scientists of an all out war and sward rattling.

    But a hot ocean can kill fish and ecco systemes under our ocean. Thats why I think that fish specie would migrate to cold water to servive its specie been put in to them by nature.


    After the dinosaur extintion our world went into a deep freeze mode.


    As for Co2 carbon emissions that will be a blessing to reverse our climate on global warming.

    Our human activity can speed up our warming will be good. Well our oceans will rise and good by hawai and much of San Joaquin>:D Vallys agriculture.


    I say there will not be a ( Nuclear Winter ) or asteroid headed to earth but our Ocean warming as before Noahs time of the great flood threw our earth into a global freezer and the two earth ends that are farthest from our sun will be unliveable in ice homes of the north and south thats farthest from the sun.

    NO !!! Global imissions and global warming is good. For our earth can become a cool giant planet with ice again.

    Merged post follows:

    Consecutive posts merged

    Lets not pray for the shy to fall on us.


    I'm just a scientist that has become a radicle in our ideas.

  6. Before we go into a global cool down then ( Global Warming ) would be a blessing like thousand of years ago. Our earth has a way of recycling itself back to normal temp.

    Forget the Nuclear Winter syndome as said by global sience models.

    Warm ocean water is what we desperatlly need to achieve Global Freeze.


    I do believe that all fish will migrate to the actic and antarctic areas to survive.

    Warm oceans cause lots of moisture and result in worldwide cloud cover to block off our sun to cause a global freeze, the weather never seen before like the days of Noah. After the flood and rain threw our world into a global freezer.

    Oceans then lowered so man was able to cross the bering see land bridge.


    I think the Nuclear Freeze proponents is stupid but a hot ocean will cool our earth with a mile thick Glasier on USA soil.

  7. So Michael is an Icon, big deal.

    With his fame and the end to life comes, He dies just like you and I when we take our Last Ghasp of air and drift off into unconciousness.


    He needs a resting place in Egypt in Valley of The Kings to be preserved for a thousand years.

  8. I don't like him at all. Since his sexual fantacy on young boys is beyond inoccense in the gutter the lowest one can get.

    As for his song and dance ruteen on stage of ( Groping His crotch ) so teens could see was a no brainer for one with money.


    He was vain on looks at the plastic surgeon knife. Well his nose maybe fell off and his chin a total wreck.


    My he rest in pease in his Never Land resort for young boys.


    I don't like him and as an icon is a disgrase.

  9. OH come now guys. He's not really dead.

    Elvis is still alive. Wacko's say that they seen Elvis around.


    Could be Jackson's double stand in at time of death for Jackson will make his tour debut.>:D:eek:

  10. Ever find Billowy Spider webs travel high in the wind ?.


    The fall time is the right time to see them webs wraped on Hellicopter rotors and parking lot lamp posts and your radio antenna.

    A true story on evolution in the spiders nature.


    My daughter and I went shopping to K-Mart one evening in the fall.


    We parked our car and my dauther noticed webbing on every lamp post.


    Then I had a thought in my brain and my answer was that when they migrate on long billowy webs that three days after we will get our first heavy rain.


    Well we did get our down pour two days after a dry summer.


    Also I told her that in nature when they raise up thier abdomen purched high on a post when some high winds get kicked up then they sail on the winds.


    Also that when they migrate twards a storm, nature has a way to keep the spiders from ( Inbreeding ) to keep thier bloodline strong.


    But then its an Italian wives tail as old as human history.:D:eek:

  11. Ever wonder why most weather travels east ?. Does weather blows or drags along ?.

    Try spinning your car tire and put your hand next to a spinning tire and air travels in the same direction as the tire.


    Our earth does the same thing and air is not blown in but rather draged along.

  12. I don't think turbulent air rippleing against the underside of clouds that travel as fast as a supper sonic jet can be.


    Can you write to some airforce and see if they can make some heads or tails from my info.?.

  13. Nope thats not it at all.


    The shock wave was over a half mile behind the jet and traveled just as fast as the jet.


    Could it been an after shock wave trailing the jet ?.


    Maybe something the air Force would like to know.

  14. No binocuars and no special lense were used.


    So the thin clouds made the waves visible.

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    Then the shock wavw was hitting the cloud layer, right ?.


    Both jet and shock wave traveled the same speed.

  15. No, the shock wave did not come from the front of jet. It was following way behind in striaght lines one after the other. Cloud cover was very thin so I was able to see them from underneath the clouds ground up.


    Well then What the hell was that I seen ?. Please explain.


    Jet and shock wave both was the same speed.

  16. When I was a teen and our San Joaquin valley had supper sonic jets over our valley that rattled windows with sonic boombs.


    Shock waves can be seen visually. There was a supper sonic jet over head with a thin cloud layer and about 3/4 mile behind there I saw a large shock wave following. The shock waves travel in straight lines one after another.

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