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  1. We need a mining stockpile for discover the science and that is for create the tools and applied science. The terminologies teaching with already manufactured tools in present time and that is to cause unlikely process of education, that is not real science, I'm studied on the 19th century books of basic principles of science for applying, creating, discovering and industry. I'm writing only with me I'm not using any translators, I guess I mixed the English language with my primary language structures, this is my last corrupt sentence, I will learn English language. Thank you very much!
  2. I'm sorry for this sentences. I will more careful about for that!
  3. I've some problems on the academical education with confusing, and in studying calculation principles, I mean maybe we can discover this principles after applying the science, that is eligible with if we won prizes on the discovering and we need calculate stuffs on the brain. Maybe humans can learn with true way. I'm sorry for the my interrogation.
  4. We can imagine the general science with perfect understanding. The complex analysis can't help you to imagine with theoretically or practically. All theorem stuffs can be combination with infinity space. But that is not reality. That theorems created for the best calculation of the calculate physical or intangible properties of the materials -with needed prices-. I guess that is acceptable for me.
  5. They've electromagnetic imagining probability of the aliens, maybe we can communicate. We can think of the ways of the capturing variable. We can draw wavelength art and we can teach the communicate devices. I guess the alien have an vectorical logic on the own neurons.
  6. This can be a trade game for the pharmacological industry. That is a only increasing stocks after the peoples affected of the physical changes and that can reflect your possibilities or can be effect long time or permanently damage.
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