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  1. Cannabis isnt a stimulant, but it is stimulating. But heres the citation: https://www.soberliving.com/addiction/articles/high-iq-kids-likely-to-use-drugs/ Other articles exist, but they mostly seem to come from the same study. https://www.soberliving.com/addiction/articles/high-iq-kids-likely-to-use-drugs/ Amphetamines, cocaine, MDMA and other ecstasies (MDA, whatever). Cannabis and alcohol are used more by intelligent people as well, but downers in general are not used for the same reasons as uppers are. Although cannabis, being a very weak psychedelic, could be considered stimulating. The reason I specifified stimulants and cannabis is because overall, stimulants and cannanbis have the highest increase in use with IQ, where as downers have a lot less. Although alcohol is used more with intelligent people as well, alcohol and benzos generally are used as coping mechinisms, and downers in general. Psychedelics, amphetamines, dissosiatives, empathogens, arent good for coping to begin with. The reason I figured a study with raves would be helpful is because raves are, in general, heavily stimulating. If you crave a lot of stimulation, you would enjoy raves. If overstimulation is a problem for you, you would avoid them. Unrelated to the widespread drug use in them, more because they are some of the most stimulating events. https://www.soberliving.com/addiction/articles/high-iq-kids-likely-to-use-drugs/ Yea, the rave thing isnt related to drug use. I proposed it because I cant think of any type of event that stimulates as much as raves.
  2. Do people who are more intelligent crave stimulation, at all? But I have always wondered if this is why intelligent people are more likely to use drugs, specifically cannabis and stimulants. If the brain craves stimulation and its not getting it, as would be common with high intelligence, it would get that stimulation from stimulants, especially amphetamines and MDMA, as intelligent people have shown to be more likely to use. I am curious to see a study that looks at the correlation between individuals who participate in raves and IQ. If the IQ of "ravers" is higher than the general population, that could support the hypothesis, as raves tend to be drug and stimulation packed, which would mean intelligent people should be driven to them, if the hypothesis is true. The problem with the studies that have been made so far is that they havent asked WHY the drugs were used. Was it bordem? Coping? Thrill seeking?
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