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  1. Okay. Thanks all. Van de graaff sounds fun and probably what I'm after. It involved confusing the sense of direction in insects by blocking the earths magnetic field and such. Pretty dry stuff. The results were something akin to lessened directional instincts within a faraday cage. Returned directional instincts within a grounded faraday cage. Above average directional ability when 5000 volts was added to the cage. (Added/applied... I cannot recall what was written?). Just trying to understand the mechanics of something I had read but that's not a physics question. I am not making any claims or promoting that thought. I am just trying to grasp how he could have had a 5000v external energy without shorting everything. I was ignoring static electricity. Thanks all
  2. If you had a square faraday cage grounded at the bottom and wanted to "add 5000 volts" is only instruction I saw. How would you go about that? I only heard that 5000 volts were added to the exterior of the faraday cage. What would be the simple and cheap ways to add 5000 volts to the exterior of a Faraday cage for fun or folly?
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