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  1. Time is an interval in my view. An interval can vary between observers. The muon example shows before and after, therefore rate of change. Time lapsed (an interval occured). Also, my understanding is a muon moves at relativistic velocities. Are you stating it can be completely static? I hold the belief that there is always change occuring...especially on a macro scale. I believe if change did not take place, nor would time. They are codependent on each other. The 3rd law of thermo leads some people to ponder that perhaps all atomic/molecular motion would stop if temperature was low enough. However, my understanding is even at absolute zero, some atomic activity would still take place. It seems impossible to stop time or change. The notion of time can sure be perplexing.
  2. If crazy=mind boggling, then yes. Spatial uncertainties aside...equally mind boggling is the baryonic matter amount. Our current models lead us to believe that dark energy and dark matter make up about 96% of all the matter we can observe. That means all the stars and planets are represented in the 4% of baryonic matter. Even more mind boggling. Of that 4% of baryonic matter, 99.9999% of it is in the form of plasma (aka; stars). Uninhabitable for humans or any life form we can imagine. Baryonic matter, that is not plasma, is a mind boggling minority in our observable universe!
  3. I agree with fire. It provided warmth where none existed. It provided light when there was only darkness. It sterilized food when needed. It cauterized wounds which would not stop bleeding. It offered communication over large distances (smoke signals over omnidirectional miles). Enhanced destruction capabilities of weapons (eg, flaming arrows). Fire was significant in multiple ways for sure!
  4. For my thoughts...time=rate of change. Something changed...a before and after exists. The interval between before and after is time. Seconds, minutes are meaningless since they are mankind constructed units. That is why I use the word interval. Direction of time is mandated by Entropy and laws of physics in my opinion. It is in the direction that it must be. The leaves on the ground cannot fall upwards and reattach to the branches. That would violate Entropy and energy laws (where would the energy come from to perform the work against gravity?). Time moves in the only direction as physical laws and pure entropy allow it to move. I understand that some notable theories allow for reverse time direction. I simply cannot support them when referenced against known laws of physics though. My brain gets tired even pondering it for more than 1 minute:(
  5. My understanding (SR & GR) is speed of light (c) is constant and universal for all observers in their respective frame of reference. They must always agree that c is constant and max speed (in vacuum, 186k mps). Time speeding up (example, stationary observer measured against moving/accelerating observer or gravity well observer) is not correlated to the speed of light...at least not in a cause & effect manner.
  6. From wiki regarding No-cloning theorem: <<<Non-clonability can be seen as a property of arbitrary sets of quantum states. If we know that a system's state is one of the states in some set S, but we do not know which one, can we prepare another system in the same state? If the elements of S are pairwise orthogonal, the answer is always yes: for any such set there exists a measurement which will ascertain the exact state of the system without disturbing it, and once we know the state we can prepare another system in the same state.>>> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-cloning_theorem from wiki regarding orthogonal (directly) : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthogonality I, again, am educating myself regarding these terms and practices (hypothetical) regarding teleportation and it's obstacles. In my opinion, a near perfect copy might be feasible. For all practical purposes, it may even be indistinguishable (to human eyes) from the original. Of course the biggest tell, or give away, would be memory retention from the original. In other words. I may look the same...almost perfect to the original (prior to teleportation)...however, my memories need to be intact. If you and I went to see a baseball game last summer...months later you bring it up in conversation...I would need to remember it. If not, I would not qualify as a, " near perfect copy" in my opinion).
  7. Yes, indeed. What about orthogonal? Any thoughts? I am trying to educate myself on the depths of detail regarding such. Admittedly my sources are basically wiki.
  8. I guess there is the essence of possibility in a nutshell. An imperfect copy...somewhere between a primitive 3D figurine copy and a quantum altered kdifferent) rearranged copy🙄 As soon as one mentions the "no-cloning theorem", by definition, the point of an imperfect copy is brought into discussion imo. Unlikely to occur in our lifetime but nice (for me) to do thought experiments regarding it🤔
  9. I am not sure why you quoted and replied to me with heath concern discussion. I never mentioned anything of the sort in my message. My comment was referencing the harvesting...along with the unfortunate ability to do it from bananas.
  10. "Identical copy", true not possible. However, an imperfect copy or reasonable near duplicate is not impossible. We may even (hypothetically) teleport a person that had the flu at point A, but arrived at point B without it. I believe insuring the neuron information (memories, etc) remains near perfect will be the main challenge.
  11. This topic basically reminds me of teleportation. Does not seem impossible but huge technology advances are needed. Like Swan mentioned you would need to capture ALL the information in the system (person in our example). Every atom and every elementary particle within it. Also, every single neuron would need recording for reassembly later. Basically we need to become masters at: Converting mass to energy and the reverse, energy back to mass. Master these two conversions with absolute perfection and teleportation seems very possible (again, must have all the information as a prerequisite).
  12. Just a related tidbit. I recall reading that a typical banana releases 1 positron about every hour. Evidentally it is from the decay of potassium-40. Unfortunate that we are not able to harvest each and every one of those positrons...it could add up over time to something substantial in my view:(
  13. Fire! Provides warmth and sterilizes food before consuming. Also, Indian tribes in the USA used fire for communication...they sent smoke rings into the air above (by flapping a piece of cloth or canvas over the fire).
  14. The likelyhood that two people ever shuffled a deck of cards (52 count) identically is very, very low. It is not expected to have ever occurred in the history of mankind nor is it expected to occur in the future of mankind! <<<<Did you know that whenever you shuffle a deck of cards, it is quite likely that you are making history?>>>> Source: https://www.math.hmc.edu/funfacts/ffiles/10002.4-6.shtml
  15. In addition, it really does not need to be like a, Jetsons cartoon, zipping in any direction at will. Indeed, that would pose higher danger and/or technology to support it. Perhaps, like you stated, they could be self driving but I propose they follow road & interstate paths and directional flows already established. Including red lights and stop signs. This would be a more orderly and controlled transportation flow. The advantage still remains for alleviating traffic congestion (2D) since you can stack multiple vehicles in the "z", or vertical, axis (different altitudes, I really mean). I hope I live long enough to witness transportation like this...should technology be able to advance it safely and effectively (cost and utilization factors). What if an advanced civilization was trying to communicate using neutrinos? My understanding is mankind would not be able to decipher a pattern from them...at least not currently. In the spirit of discussing explanations and/or Pro/Con Fermi Paradox...I believe all we have are guesses and making things up.
  16. I agree. Both are achieving motion by displacement of their respective medium. Kind of reminds me if a propeller on a submarine and also an airplane. Both create forward motion by displacement of medium.
  17. I understand all that but it is sad in a sense. Conversing, abstract ideas, can lead to "process of elimination"...some thought experiments simply do not gain traction, or support...they usually fade away. The internet is a challenging space for sure. I can say this. In 30 years I have participated in dozens of forums...camping, finance, autos, travel, gaming, cooking, etc. Science forums are difficult. For 30 years I used words like, "should" or "could". Never an issue. Science forums call me out ( as well as others) all the time:( Lol...once on the Q forum, I commented on a gas giant in our solar system. I used the word, "environment" instead of, "atmosphere". 25 posts back and forth bickering for that poor word selection on my part. Gets tiring quickly. Is not that just a simple, "thought experiment"? I am knew here but am realizing (from your challenged, which may indeed be approriate) that I may not fit in myself. I often type replies exactly as you challenged here. I look for more engagement (word count especially) when I interact in a forum. Not wanting a confrontation...just trying to predict my future interactions here. Thanks
  18. Is that not just a simple, "thought experiment"? I am new here but am realizing (from your challenge, which may indeed be approprriate) that I may not fit in myself. I often type replies exactly as you challenged here (and elsewhere). I look for more engagement (word count especially) when I interact in a forum. Not wanting a confrontation...just trying to predict my future interactions here. Thanks
  19. I would be foolish to rule out your possibility. DE is an area of science that offers explanations for so many things...unfortunately none can be overwhelmingly considered, "absolutely true, or correct". I try to keep an open mind. It tires me at the end of day...brain crunching...thought experiments...reading opinions from astute others. Wish I (we?) had conclusive answers:(
  20. My understanding is science uses spectrographs to analyze light from other stars. Then they infer composition of orbiting planets...I think anyway. Perhaps not enough light reflected off of Oumuamua to analyze? I am not solid here with my speculation...need a refresher course (read more). I like your ideas though. Especially Elon. He gets things done!
  21. I have lost track of current star estimates. I believe they keep increasing. Milky Way estimated at 400 billion? Galaxies estimated at 2 trillion (observable universe)? The enormous quantities sure imply, to me anyway, that we are not alone. Elapaed time sure does shake things up. As hinted at, in this thread, the chance of overlapping simultaneously appears remote. So many could have come and gone...reference, "Great Filter". On another note. Space voids always fascinated me. Why so empty? Possible advanced civilization harvesting stars via antimatter? Such things I ponder:(
  22. It is a shame we could not intercept this object before it left our solar system. Perhaps, some day, we will have a craft or probe capable of catching up to it. Then we can collect needed data for it's composition. I am aware there was much optimism of it being alien created. It appears our limited observation ability yielded no overwhelming evidence for that conclusion though:(
  23. I concur and have read this countless times (admittedly in forums). Also, do you agree (also my understanding) that containment (or storage) methods remain challenging? That is my belief. Since, obviously, segregation of matter and antimatter is crucial prior to it's intended use. Or else..Boom!
  24. I have always pondered the universe to have some master entity (not talking mankind theism here) in full control of everything (or at least locally to us, cluster perhaps) As chaotic as the cosmos seem, I usually end up (mental exercises) believing it is by design. That design could mean virtual reality for sure. Point is though, an entity is either discretely observing us or exists way out there doing other things. It makes my mind tired just pondering it sometimes. I get even deeper sometimes. Like, possibly a Kardashev type civilization (expanded scale, perhaps level IV) was in the same boat we are. Confused, feeling alone and lacking answers. Over time they advanced and were able to seed elswhere in the cosmos and actually create what we call, "reality". At least on some scale. Is that us? Again, mind tired just pondering it:(
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